OutSmart’s 2022 Readers’ Choice Awards Winners

    OutSmart magazine’s 25th annual Gayest & Greatest awards celebrate the accomplishments of Houston’s leading artists, activists, and business people.

    Gayest & Greatest 2022: Arts Part I

    Christina Wells says, “Dreams aren’t just for the young. Talent is not just for the young. Opportunity is not just…

    Gayest & Greatest 2022: Community Part II

    The Houston LGBTQ+ Political Caucus advocates for inclusion and change.

    Gayest & Greatest 2022: Community Part III

    Atlantis Narcisse organizes events like Black Trans Empowerment week with McFarland, the founder of The Mahogany Project, Inc. (TMP), a…

    Gayest & Greatest 2022 Community Part I

    Landon Richie, at just 19 years old, is already a seasoned activist. He’s also OutSmart’s winner for Most Prominent Youth…

    Andrew Clarke, francesca’s CEO, is Creating a Company of Inclusion

    The gay Houstonian is transforming the business from the inside out.

    Healing Through Storytelling

    Navy veteran Pacifica Sauer’s 2021 film reveals the traumatic violence faced by women in the military.

    Haunted by ‘Boogey Men’

    New York artist Hugh Hayden tests boundaries in his new Houston exhibition.

    Five Must-Visit Drag Brunches in Houston

    Dine with divas at these local restaurants.

    Ty Herndon’s New Album ‘Jacob’ is Out Now

    The openly gay country singer talks his early days and his new projects.



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