Comics for the Community

    Byron Canady and Sharmane Fury open a new inclusive comic-book store.

    Houston Activists Drop a Drag-Themed Wall-Calendar

    Lupe Salas and Piero Arevalo's project benefits the Montrose Angels.

    Sarah Brightman Comes to Houston for a Christmas Show

    The 'Angel of Music' performs at Smart Financial Centre on December 18.

    Hot and Unbothered

    Chelsea Handler previews her hilarious post-pandemic comedy tour.

    COVER STORY: Queer Caroling

    Pride Chorus Houston offers something for everyone this season.

    A Great Spirit

    American Indian activist Anna Farris continues giving back to her communities.

    Confections for a Cause

    Brian Duong uses his delicious desserts to give back to those in need.

    Sparkly and Stronger than Ever

    Designer Eliot Perez heads into another busy season after a tough battle with COVID.

    Community Visionary

    Veteran performer Dina Jacobs commemorated for over 50 years of drag.



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    Pride in the Media

    Real Estate Showcase

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