The King of Houston Hearts

Hugh Stone brings a passion to all he does.

Hugh Stone (Photo by Alex Rosa)

Sometimes, performers discover their spark for drag in the least likely of spaces. For Hugh Stone, it came while walking along the path to recovery. And what a ride it has been ever since. The hustling hottie was adopted into a drag family, started making a name for himself, and now is on the hot ticket as one of the city’s rising stars. Get to know more about him below.


Inner Avatar?
A friendly, courageous, and hard-working dyke named Grace Gibson

Houston, TX

Drag birthday?
June 17, 2022

What got you interested in drag?
Even as a little kid, I’ve always felt most alive when performing in front of an audience. After getting sober and coming out in my mid-30s, I became more interested in exploring my gender presentation as well as performance. I decided to compete in the Mister Lambda competition in June 2022. Not only did I win, but I had such a blast that I knew I needed to pursue drag further. My life has only become more vibrant since.

Describe Hugh’s persona.
Hugh Stone is a shameless flirt and hopeless romantic. He loves making people smile, and is completely powerless over beautiful women and bedazzled fitted suits.

Any titles?
1st Place winner in Game of Kings Season Three, and Mister Lambda 2022

Most embarrassing moment on stage?
Hot take: It is very difficult to embarrass a drag performer. That said, I was at an event out of drag recently and ran into someone I’ve hung out with a few times after some of my shows. (I may or may not have a small crush on this person.) I walked up, clearly very excited to see them and say hello, and they kindly reached out their hand and introduced themself to me. I said, “Yeah, I know!” And then quickly realized from the apologetic look of confusion that they had never seen me out of drag and had no idea who I was.

Thoughts about legislation regarding drag performances?
I am heartbroken. As someone who has been fortunate enough to dip my toe in the world of creative gender expression, I wish everyone knew this freedom instead of fearing it. More than anything, I am devastated and furious for my trans siblings. Miserable people in positions of power have managed to trick their followers into thinking that the legislation is about protecting children from sexually explicit performances, when in reality they are frantically scrambling to extinguish the fire of trans power and liberation out of fear and ignorance. They fight an impossible battle, though, because trans people have always and will always be here, thriving as beacons of authenticity and freedom.

Any words for fans who voted for Hugh in the Gayest & Greatest Awards?
Thank you! I am so grateful for the support. It means the world to me that my drag speaks to you, and I feel so lucky to be on this journey together.

Describe Hugh’s aesthetic.
I’m a laid-back maximalist. I am always drawn to the most sparkly and colorful option available, but in the right setting I like to keep it simple and classic.

Defining moment in your life?
I think the most defining time in my life so far is when I came out as an alcoholic. The experience of accepting my alcoholism as part of who I am, and that while it is not my fault, it is my responsibility, helped me learn how to practice that sense of honesty and ownership in other aspects of my life. (Hence, coming out as a lesbian six months later.)

Where/When do you normally perform?
I perform most frequently at the H-Town Kings shows on Wednesdays at Pearl Bar, and fundraiser events at Lambda Center.

Anything else?
I host a podcast called Y’all Out! Each episode I interview a different member of the LGBTQIA+ community about their journey, inspirations, hopes, interests, and beyond. Reach out if you know someone I should interview!

Follow Hugh Stone on Instagram and TikTok as @hughstone_tx



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