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I just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading “Achtung, Baby: AIDS is a mass murderer” [“AIDS Watch” by Kelly McCann, October]. It has enlightened me on some things and taught me some things, too. Please give a special thank-you to Kelly McCann for the great job she did on this article.
Prince Bailey
Houston, Texas

I just got the October issue in the mail and laughed hysterically while reading the interview with Kathy Griffin [“Sleeping with the Emmy” by Blase DiStefano]. Very well done.
David Garbella
Houston, Texas

I went on Itunes and bought Cathy-Anne McClintock’s single “So American” after reading your review [“GrooveOut Shorts” by Nancy Ford, September]. You were right, very accurate, and a bit humorous, too. She is a good singer and songwriter. Thanks for turning me on to it.
Mike Collins
Katy, Texas

I strongly support equality all the way, and we will fight for it until it is legal in all states. GLBT rights are civil rights; there are no “special rights” in America. I am a 22-year-old butch lesbian and new to the GLBT community. I am excited about the National Equality March. It is our turn to lead and fight for what we believe. We are brothers and sisters in Christ.
Ana Tarver
Houston, Texas

Corrections: In last month’s “Dominic Does Diaghilev” by Neil Ellis Orts, we identified Lauren Bettencourt as a dancer in a photo caption. The dancer is Marie-Agnes Gillot from Paris Opera. Also last month, Mark Segal was listed as author of “An Affair to Remember.” Jack Veasey is the correct author of the story. OutSmart regrets the errors.


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