This year’s Gay Pride Parade, as compared to previous gay pride parades, was obviously better attended due to the presence of our newly elected mayor and her partner. However, I am astounded by the lack of creativity from our community! This is the one day a year that we really have the opportunity to show Houston and the nation who and what we are. We’re supposedly the artistic, creative, imaginative part of society!

Where was the creativity in that parade? Has everyone lost their ability to think, create, imagine, and then implement their ideas? Or [are we] just bowing down and giving in to [company] sponsorships that are stifling gay creativity? A big budget—or a lack of a big budget—is not an excuse to be unimaginative. It doesn’t cost anything to be creative.

Tony Nixon
Houston, Texas

I want to say a thing or two about the Magick of Pride. Not the once-a-year party we wonderfully indulge in, [but] the pride in our everyday lives. Magick is made when you finally decide enough is enough—when being second-class citizens is no longer acceptable. It’s what happens when being proud of who you are inspires you to make a difference for not only yourself, but for all around you. You want to see progress? Get off your collective backsides and make it happen.

Be inspired, be proud, and be the voice for those who have none. Make real magick happen!

Robert “Papa Merlyn” Pagano
Houston, Texas

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