Letters…On Wayne Besen’s Feb article, “The Bombast and Body Count”

It is distressing to read Wayne Besen’s comments in his Feb article, “The Bombast and Body Count.” Wayne totally ignores the anger and hatred exhibited by Progressive Leftists toward Bush 43, Palin and McCain. They were hung in effigy in 2008 from an apartment complex in California and we heard no complaint from Obama. Leftists like Bill Maher and Michael Moore can say or produce what they wish about conservatives without consequence. Books were written on how to assassinate Bush and no comment from the Left.

I recall the hatred in WTO protests in Seattle and Pittsburgh where storefronts were damaged and debris thrown amid the shouts by leftists. The angry rhetoric displayed on their signs demanded no media analysis of the protestors, unlike Tea Partiers. Obama himself said during the ’08 campaign, “If they bring a knife, we’ll bring a gun”. How’s that for civility, Wayne?

The progressives, union thugs and revolutionary elements that support Obama are exempt from Besen’s criticism. The Community Agitator desires chaos. Just wait until we see gas for $5 per gallon. Obama will blame Bush and ration gas all in the same breath. And Besen will gladly carry his water.

— Mike Crowe,



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Greg Jeu

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