Letters: Reader Responds to Susan Bankston’s Column

Susan Bankston’s relentless assault on Republicans continues. As a liberal, she cannot articulate constructive solutions for our nation’s challenges. All she has is insults and anger for the GOP.

As Scott Sanders’ letter in the March issue pointed out, not every reader is a liberal Democrat. Bankston cannot articulate solutions for the under-water housing market, the debt crisis, the high gas prices, etc. All she has is 8th grade humor attacking Republicans.

Bankston thinks faceless neighbors must pay for contraception for women. Susan, it’s available in EVERY drug store in America. It’s available at Planned Parenthood. Open your wallet, not your neighbor’s, and purchase it.

If you demand free contraception, what’s to keep you from demanding shoes and food and hats? Should they not be supplied to ensure “women’s health”?

You might take a look at Obama’s $1.3 Trillion annual deficits and ask yourself if there are consequences to printing and spending money that our nation does not have–right after you take a look at the realities that Greece and much of Europe are enduring.

The dollars in your wallet are becoming worthless. If you doubt me, stop by your nearest gas station or grocery store and tell me how Obama’s policies are impacting the value of the dollar. Ask yourself if Bankston thinks women care about the prices of gas and food.

—Mike Crowe, Houston, Texas

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Greg Jeu

Greg Jeu is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of OutSmart Magazine.

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