While most of us agree that Governor Rick Perry has done some good things for Texas, it appears that recently he has crossed over and is confusing his role as a good state leader with that of a judging Christian.

Recently he and Michele Bachmann signed a pledge that when they become president they will sponsor and promote an antigay amendment to the U.S. Constitution banning gay unions and marriage. They pledged to only appoint Supreme Court judges with this same opinion.

He has also aligned himself closely with Rev. Fred Phelps, America’s very outspoken gay hater, who carries signs that read “God Hates Fags” to gay military funerals. His original opinion was that gay marriage is an issue for each state to decide. Is he now talking out of the other side of his face?

The Bible says that God is not the author of confusion! When he prays, does he leave out he gay soldiers who are also fighting for this country?

Eldrege Langlinais
Galveston, Texas

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