Must Love Dogs

And with these three glam dog hotels—and one noble benefit—the affection is evident
By Steven Foster

Gone are the days when dog kennels resembled something out of an all-canine version of Oz. Three of Houston’s finest puppy palaces are more like four-legged Four Seasons. A dog’s life? We should all be so lucky.

Rummy’s Beach House
If your pooch is more athletically inclined, you might want to check out (and check the dog in) to Rummy’s Beach House. Staffed by fierce dog lovers, Rummy’s focuses on workouts that would make a Rotweiler proud. The emphasis here is on warm water canine aquatic exercise to reduce pain and inflammation of joints and tissues, while also increasing the dog’s circulation and muscle flexibility. The benefit for you is their traveler-friendly service. If you’re boarding your dog for more than three days, Rummy’s will pick up you and your pets, take you to the airport so you can have a goodbye lick, and then take the precious cargo to their spa-like facility.

Pet Paradise welcomes the pampered pooch.

Pet Paradise
For truly luxe accommodations, there’s Pet Paradise. Spacious play areas, indoor/outdoor climate-controlled suites, and—natch—a bone-shaped swimming pool. For added ambience, the furry guests enjoy soothing music piping through the suites. (With treatment like this, your dog might not want to come home.) If you can’t bear the thought of leaving your precious pet, you can check on him or her with their web cams, which is a little nanny-cam scary, but we can understand how some owners might dig it. Pet Paradise also offers kitty accommodations which are, much to the dogs’ dismay, far from the canine areas.

Scout’s Honor Benefit
Montrose favorite Happy Tails Dog Spa is hosting their Second Annual Movie Night & Silent Auction to benefit Scout’s Honor, a nonprofit that rescues animals from Houston and surrounding areas, including those from the pound. Since its formation, Scout’s Honor has rescued over 1,250 animals. The November 12 benefit begins at 7 p.m. at the River Oaks Theatre, where they will be screening Beverly Hills Chihuahua because, we’re guessing, Old Yeller would be too much of a downer. Various items will be auctioned off to raise funds next door at Epicure Café, including such items as Yao Ming-signed basketballs, Houston Texans’ club-seat tickets, spa packages, wine baskets, and art by animal-loving artists George Rodrigue and Kermit Eisenhut. 100 percent of the proceeds go directly to providing needed funds for vaccinations, spaying and neutering, and veterinary care for abused and abandoned dogs and cats. For tickets, contact http://[email protected].


Ste7en Foster

Steven Foster is a regular contributor to OutSmart Magazine.

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