Nibbles Zon Bits Thorne is the Cat’s Meow

Nibbles Zon Bits Thorne • Photo by Alex Rosa

Meet Nibbles Zon Bits Thorne. This kitty has claws, but he only uses them when necessary. Known as the tuxedo cat who is always fitted with a bow tie, the performer is remembered for delivering a little sugar, serving up a little spice, and making everything feel really nice. Find out more about how he is delivering the cat-scratch fever to Houston’s drag scene.


Inner Avatar?
An instapot . . . I mean as long as it has the right amount of time and everything it needs, wonderful things will come from it


Drag birthday?
June 24, 2021.

What got you interested in drag?
The freedom to fulfill my more masculine self that had to remain trapped due to the social “normal.”

Describe your performing persona.
Quirky and charming.

Story behind the name?
My name is a variation of the original name idea given to me by Nikki Blonsky during a video call. I was supposed to be Kibbles N Bits with the idea of being animal themed.

How did you learn makeup skills?
Years ago I used to be a Mary Kay saleswoman. They taught me makeup basics and the importance of skincare. Through trial, and way too much error, I quickly learned how I liked my makeup to look . . . but it is always slowly changing and evolving as I grow as a performer.

Most memorable moment as a performer?
It was my first time doing a consent show at Pearl Bar. My mother was in the audience cheering me on while I shot underwear all over the bar.

Ultimate goal as a performer?
I want to travel the world.

Thoughts about attempted legislation regarding drag performances?
First off, it goes against the personal expression of an individual. Second, why does the government suddenly want to care about something that has been a predominant part of history for centuries? Third, if drag were to have been banned, it would mean the loss of a culture that is used in everyday life without most people even realizing it’s happening.

Favorite hangout spots?
I spend most of my time at Tony’s Corner Pocket and Barcode.

Do you have a drag family?
I have two types of drag family. I have the families I gained in town from performing, and then there’s my imperial family that I gained from being a part of the Imperial Court System. where we raise money for nonprofits through performing.

Guilty pleasure?
I like reading everything from traditional books to mangas to audiobooks. . . even user manuals.

Must-have clothing accessory?
A hand-painted and rhinestoned bow tie from my shop, Creator’s Delight.

#TeamMTV or #TeamVH1?

What would people be surprised to know about you?
I’m adopted, multilingual, afraid of small fish and large bodies of water, and I can’t have caffeine,

What was your dream job as a child?
I wanted to be a vet until I realized I would have to use needles on animals.

Favorite drag character from media?
Ben Dela Creme and Jinkx Monsoon are my top. Please don’t make me choose between terminally delightful mommy and my swamp witch mommy.

Where can fans see you perform?
I perform with E.R.S.I.C.S.S at their different locations throughout the year, and every blue moon I’ll pop up at the H-Town Kings show.

Nibbles Zon Bits Thorne • Photo by Alex Rosa

Any pets?
Two cats. A male chunk of a brown tabby named Martin and a female thief of a white Siamese tabby named Ashlyan.

What have you learned from drag that you use in your everyday life?
I can turn a profit making mixes and rhinestoning outfits.

What’s your life’s mantra?
Sometimes life is not worth freaking out about. Stop what you’re doing, take a deep breath, and realize that no matter what happens, you will still survive.

What do you want the world to know about the LGBTQ community?
We are people . . . except we are willing to open up about whom we love, how we feel, and where we want to be in our lives. Just like the non-LGBTQIA+ community, we just want to live in this world and enjoy our lives with our friends and family.

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