The Island Enchantress

Dessie Love Blake is a mesmerizing one-woman glam squad.

Dessie Love Blake (Photo by Jenna Barrett)

Dessie Love Blake wears many hats—and as you can see, they’re usually quite tall. She’s a performer, pageant legend, clothing designer, fundraiser, drag mother…and need we mention her long-running Dessie’s Drag Race dynasty? Even more, this larger-than-life icon rules her empire from the teeny tiny island of Galveston. Find out more about this Island gal below.

Pronouns? In drag, she/her. Out of drag, he/him.

Home town? LaPorte, Texas

Drag birthday? June 2011

What got you interested in drag?

Drag was never on the radar for me. I was in a gay bowling league and there was a fundraiser for the league called Bowler BeeHive. They needed someone to perform in it, so I agreed—and things sort of snowballed from there. I do have a background in theater and music, so this is really a fit for me.

Describe your performing persona.

I’m a grand, larger than life, glam-rock showgirl.

Any titles or pageants?

Miss Gay Galveston America 2013, Miss Gay Texas America 2014, Miss Gay Northeast America 2017, Miss Texas Continental 2019, Miss Gay Southwest America 2022, Miss Gay Houston USofA 2021, two-time 1st Runner Up to Miss Gay America 2019 and 2023.

Bucket list item?

To travel the world.

Most memorable moment as a performer?

Winning Miss Texas and filming AJ and the Queen.

Ultimate goal as a performer?

To make someone feel something. Laugh, cry, let the anger out—whatever it is, I just want to leave a memorable impression.

Thoughts about the anti-drag show legislation?

I feel like there are much more important things to focus on than drag queens. We can’t possibly be more scary than the guns killing kids. Focus on that first.

Your favorite thing about Island life?

I love the atmosphere and attitude of Galveston. It’s very laid back, and the people are so nice.

Favorite Galveston hangout spot?

The beach, of course!

Any drag family?

My drag mom is Lana Blake. My drag children include Muffy Blake Vanderbilt, Tamar Jazelle Paris, Lynn Adonis Blake, Lexus Chandelier, and Lexi Blake Lamour.

Guilty pleasure?

Reality television.

Describe your aesthetic.

My aesthetic is “pageant polish.” I’m such a perfectionist that it often drives me crazy, but I definitely prefer everything to be as close to perfect as possible every time. It’s maddening.

Must-have clothing accessory or prop?

A big hat!    

Advice for up-and-coming performers?

If you want to do this full time, it takes a lot of work, money, and time. It rarely happens overnight. Be your very best every time, and find who you are. Don’t try to be what someone else already is.

Favorite drag character on social media?

I love Bianca Del Rio and Asia O’Hara.

Where can fans see you perform?

Thursdays and Sundays at Hamburger Mary’s, Fridays at KIKI, second Sundays of the month at Katy Vibes, third Sundays of the month at Electric Feelgood, last Thursdays of the month at Eureka Heights, plus other random gigs here and there.

Life’s mantra?

Never quit until your good is better and your better is your best. I saw that St. Jerome quote written on a classroom wall in junior high, and it just stuck with me.

What else might be worth mentioning?

Life is short, so don’t get caught up in the hustle and forget to live.

Follow Dessie Love Blake @dessieloveblake.

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