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Gayest & Greatest 2018: Weddings

Sandra Bubbert’s Acadian Bakery has been treating Houstonians, and plenty of celebrities, for 40 years.

Best Wedding Cake Bakery: Acadian Bakery

Sandra Bubbert knows from experience that making a great cake is, well, no piece of cake. Bubbert, whose Acadian Bakery was voted Best Bakery and Best Wedding Cake Bakery, has been satisfying the sweet tooths of generations of Houstonians, as well as an enviable list of politicians and celebrities, via her custom-made confections.

She credits her grandmother for showing her the tricks of the trade and gifting her with several recipes, such as those for the bakery’s popular icebox cookies and creole kisses, which she still uses to this day. “My grandma taught me that baking is a complicated process. Which is why I love that line in Father of the Bride when Steve Martin complains about the cost of the wedding cake and says, ‘It’s just flour and water!’ [Laughs] Of course, it’s not—it takes a lot of heart as well.”

A self-described foodie, Bubbert owned several establishments, including a tearoom, before taking a friend up on his offer to sell her the bakery.  The Acadian Bakers is set to celebrate its 40th anniversary, and she has been at the helm for 35 of those years. According to Bubbert, Houstonians’ tastes haven’t much changed in the last four decades. She cites her grandfather’s adage: people will always drink whiskey and eat sugar. “I decided to satisfy the latter habit,” she says. 

Bubbert made a name for herself in Houston early on by designing exquisite nuptial confections—a process that often requires catering to the tastes of not just the gay and straight couples that come to her, but also the members of their extended families who have very specific opinions about the wedding cake. In one case, Bubbert’s ultimate solution was a very large cake with many layers, each chosen by different relatives. “The 90-year-old grandfather insisted that they cut through all the layers until they got to his layer of brownie chocolate mousse on the very, very bottom,” Bubbert recalls. “He tasted it, gave me a big ol’ wink, and said, ‘Mine’s the best.’”

Although Bubbert has baked for dozens of famous folks, including Elizabeth Taylor, Hillary Clinton, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, it was country-music legend Reba McEntire whose genuine sweetness most touched Bubbert. “I will never forget how she walked up to me and said, ‘Look at that big ol’ purty cake!’ And I said, ‘You talk just like you sing!’” 

“I know, they’ve told me that before,’ McEntire replied. “She was just one of the nicest people,” Bubbert says. 

Bubbert looks forward to providing sugar fixes for H-town residents for years to come,  and she is also expanding her boxed-lunch options to include bread, soups, and salads that are made in-house. 

Surprisingly, Bubbert claims she rarely treats herself. “Well, I actually don’t eat a lot of sweets myself. But if I have something, my favorite is my memaw’s icebox cookies.” You can’t go wrong with Grandma.

—Joanna O’Leary

Best Place to Pop the Question

McGovern Centennial Gardens
Finalists: Discovery Green, Numbers Night Club, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Best Place to Rent/Buy Formal Wear

Al’s Formal Wear
Finalists: Men’s Wearhouse, Tip Top Tux

Best Wedding Cake Bakery

Acadian Bakery
Finalists: David Alcorta Catering & Custom Bakery, Dessert Gallery, Who Made the Cake!

Best Wedding/Event Catering Firm

David Alcorta Catering, Jim Benton Houston (tie)

Best Wedding/Event DJ

Bradley David Entertainment
Finalists: DarKer Side DJ’s & Karaoke, DJ Joe Rios Jr., LG Event Entertainment & Production LLC

Best Wedding/Event Florist

Rexberry Luxury Events
Finalists: Blooming Gallery, Events In Bloom, Gaye Jackson’s Flowers in the Heights

Best Wedding/Event Live Music/String Quartets & Bands

Harmony Strings
Finalist: Rice University Phils

Best Wedding/Event Photographer

Yvonne Tran, Yvonne Feece Photography
Finalists: Blu Velvet Photography, J&D Productions

Best Wedding/Event Planner

Lauren Burnham/EventSmith
Finalists: David Alcorta Catering & Custom Bakery, The Wedding Director

Best Wedding/Event Venue 

Le Meridien Houston Downtown
Finalists: Brennan’s of Houston, Cherie Flores Garden Pavilion, Madera Estates, McGovern Centennial Gardens, The Parador

Best Wedding/Event Videographer

J&D Productions
Finalists: Pixel Studio Productions, Seventh Ray

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