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Lilly Roddy’s Astrocast: What Does 2018 Have In Store For You?

This is the year of solutions.

By Lilly Roddy

Lots of highs and lows are in store for 2018, especially in the latter  half of the year. Not only do we have our usual three Mercury retrograde periods, but Mars and Venus will both go retrograde in the latter half of the year. To minimize the problems associated with these retrogrades, you might want to plan your more important activities for the first half of the year.

Mars is our initiator, and Venus is our commitment planet. When they are retrograde, it’s best to focus on past activities and possibly renewing those events. Partners from former relationships can also show up under this retrograde. Venus and Mars in retrograde will have the most impact on the fixed signs of Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus. Mars is retrograde June through September, and Venus is retrograde September through December.

We also have two planets changing signs: Saturn will be moving into Capricorn, and Uranus into Taurus. These planetary sign changes are expressed as big shifts in attitude among the general population, moving toward more realistic and practical outlooks.

With the outer planets in earth and water signs this year, we can expect less conflict and divisiveness. However, politics do heat up in February, and that could be a big turning point for the U.S. This is the year of solutions, as disruptiveness dissipates.

Aries (March 21–April 19)

Those born under the sign of Aries are moving into a time of rebuilding and focusing on goals for the future. You will be feeling more decisive than ever.

Career activity is especially active. You will be taking on new responsibilities, looking for a promotion, or possibly starting your own business. Because of external conditions, the need for change is very strong. Conditions around your workplace have to improve—otherwise, you will be looking for some other place to ply your trade. You could easily become the agent of needed change for the company where you are presently employed. You are tapping into new and different resources and can open up a whole new path for yourself.

Relationships are under review during this time. For some of your relationships, you are looking to confirm the commitment as well as set new goals for the future. The relationships that don’t live up to your expectations will need to be improved or eliminated. Business relationships will get the most scrutiny throughout 2018; they will enjoy the clearest boundaries you’ve ever had in any type of relationship. In your existing romantic relationship, you are looking to renew the partnership, not bring it to an end. In any new romantic relationship, you will want to take it to the next level.

Your financial picture is better this year, even though you are handling your finances conservatively. You will find it easier to borrow money for homes and businesses. This is also a very good year for you to attend classes or lectures to improve your existing skills. Since this is going to be a busy year, be sure and establish priorities so you will know what to do first.

Taurus (April 20–May 20)

Taureans are in for some big shifts and changes over the next seven years as Uranus, the planet of reinvention, enters your sign. During 2018, Uranus will be affecting those born in the first three days of the sign and those who have planets in the early degrees of Taurus. You may initially feel trapped or bored, but that is only an indication that you need to reinvent yourself. This will affect every aspect of your life—romance, career, and friendships. Uranus opens your mind to new ideas, points of view, and toward living a freer and less judgmental life.

Your community organizations and friends may cause you some stress from June through September. You may need to step up and defend your point of view. Some friends may prove to be really irritating, and you may have to draw a line in the sand. This can also be a time where you feel restless, don’t sleep as well, and overreact to normal situations. Exercise, meditation, or working in your garden will help you feel more centered.

This is going to be a more social year for you that will draw in many new people, enhance your existing relationships, and open doors for career activities. Educational opportunities will also show up in 2018. Travel can be especially rewarding in the first half of the year.

Relationships will enter a period of testing and reevaluation from September through December. Some relationships will be stronger because of an increased sense of trust, while other relationships will come to an end.

Your self-confidence strengthens throughout the year. You will find it easier to trust yourself in the decisions you make.

Gemini (May 21–June 21)

Geminis will be more frequently finding a use for the Geminian gift for adaptability this year. Financially, you will be working on getting rid of debt, following a budget, and making safe and sound investments in your future. You are going to be much more aware of how you use and spend your money on a daily basis. You may even feel that you have less money, but in truth you are more conscious of what’s going on, and managing it much better. There could be some struggle over family money, or problems with probating a will.

Romantic relationships will require more care this year. You will want to know that you and your partner are working on the same general goals for the future. Differing financial values or money problems can be an indication that the two of you need to establish a meeting of the minds. In some serious cases, this can also represent a time where therapy might be a path toward a positive solution.

Work is busy this year, and potentially hectic. There’s a lot of updating going on in your office or work environment. This is an excellent year for educational classes that improve your work skills. You will be needing a more creative outlet for your career—and for your personal expression as well.

Spiritually, you have been opening up more and more. You may be looking for a belief system or religion that allows you the freedom of your own beliefs. You may find that you are drawn to new ways of eating, exercise, and becoming centered. Don’t let the needs of others compromise your desire to remain healthy.Pay attention to your boundaries and put yourself first.

Cancer (June 22–July 22)

Relationships and long-term plans, including career evaluation, are your main focus this year. There is also a shift going on with your friends and your community associations. This is the year that you will examine how you generate your relationships. You will be looking more closely at your responsibility for the patterns you see in relationships that you have formed over the years. This will improve your clarity and help you maintain those relationships in a more conscious way. With all of your relationships, this year is a good time to make sure that everyone involved is working on the same goals. This applies in both personal and business spheres, but particularly with close friends. Throughout this time of evaluation, you may also find that some relationships are not working for you, and you will invest less time in those relationships. Overall, it is a good time for all long-term commitments, especially during the first half of the year.

This year you will also be interested in expanding your friendship base and finding something within your community that stimulates your inner activist. This energy is enhanced because your desire to be more social is also increasing. In any organization in which you get involved, you will want to be part of the action and not just a member of the audience.

Your creativity is especially strong in 2018. You may want to further your education, do some traveling, work on your memoirs, or start your own YouTube channel. Pay close attention to your finances from June through September. Overall, you are ready to make some decisions and move forward this year!

Leo (July 23–August 22)

Starting this year, and over the next few years, you are going to take your career in a whole new direction. For some of you, this is a time when you may be starting your own business, developing some innovative software or apps, or simply finding your passion. If you’re older, this could be a time of letting go of lifelong responsibilities and seeking out your desires. No matter your profession, even if you’re a stay-at-home mom, you will be looking for something to stimulate your cranial activity.

Property and real estate are also important this year. You are certainly working on making your home a more comfortable place. That might include moving and/or purchasing a new home or some acreage. 2018 is a good year to heal past family schisms.

You are feeling more hopeful and optimistic about your future. This is also a good year for you to travel to visit family members, to interact more with your children, or to get involved with a local community organization.

You are also interested in rejuvenating your relationship and possibly adding a date night to your routine. Relationship problems can easily surface from June through September if you are not giving enough attention to your partner.

2018 is the year to pay more attention to your health and exercise routines. The demands of work can add a lot of stress to your life, and having a healthy outlet to relieve stress will yield good results. Get a checkup and start your year off right. 2018 is going to be a busy year!

Virgo (August 23–September 22)

With Virgo being an earth sign, and the outer planets currently in earth and water signs, this should be a much better year for the Virgoans.

You are entering a creative cycle that will last about two years. If you have been looking for more personal fulfillment in your life, this year holds the possibility for you to express latent or forgotten talents. Since 2011, you have been looking for some sort of outlet that really resonates with your soul.

If you are a writer, teacher, or disseminator of information, this can be an excellent time for you to develop an Internet presence, expand your own education, write your autobiography, and/or connect with people from different cultures. Your writing and communication skills are very strong during the entire year.

Along with this, your problem-solving and reasoning skills are also functioning better than usual. You will also feel more like sharing your knowledge and information with others. This is an excellent time for you to move into a mentoring role, spend more time with your children or grandchildren, and even turn your hobby into a new career.

In relationships, you will want to be more connected and more in tune with your partner. This can also be a time of personal awakening. You may see traits and aspects of your partner that you’ve been unaware of up until now. You are letting go of some of the obligations that you felt were essential in previous relationships. In a strong relationship, this is a way to get to know your partner better. For unstable relationships, the issues may be harder to overcome.

Use the creative energies this year to help you solve issues that have seemed unsolvable!

Libra (September 23–October 23)

This is the beginning of a two-year rebuilding period. Since 2008, you’ve been going through a multitude of changes in all areas of your life, but especially focused on career and relationship stability.

The rebuilding process is going to start at the very foundations of your life. You may be considering moving or remodeling during 2018. There is also hierarchical change taking place within your family. The younger family members are taking on more of the traditions associated with family gatherings and holidays. Older family members are reassessing their own roles as they consider new career options or possibly retiring.

Libras born in the latter third of the sign are still going through a massive cleanout and downsizing. You will experience the rebuilding phase more markedly in the latter part of 2018 and into 2019.

For all Librans, this year is a time of reassessing and resetting your personal boundaries on multiple issues. At work, you will not be picking up after others as you have in the past. You will not go unappreciated or unnoticed in 2018. Otherwise, you are already working on your résumé.

Your current relationships, both business and personal, are also being reevaluated. With your romantic partner, you are looking to set new goals and directions to revitalize the relationship. With business relationships, you’re looking for the work to be distributed equally. You don’t want to feel as if you’re having to run the show alone. If your partners don’t respond, you may be looking for greener pastures. Pay attention to your boundaries, and don’t let yourself get overworked or used up.

Scorpio (October 24–November 21)

This is going to be an especially busy year for Scorpios. Jupiter—the planet of growth, expansion, travel, continuing education, and optimism—has a very positive impact on you! The last time Jupiter was in Scorpio was from October 2005 through the end of 2006.

You are going to want your relationships, both personal and in business, to be more dynamic and more interesting! Relationships that are too restrictive may have you searching for greener pastures. If you’re single, there will be more opportunities to meet new people!

You are going to feel like being more socially active. This can be put to use by generating more business contacts, expanding your group of friends, or getting involved in community organizations.

This year, from September 16 through December 2, Venus will be retrograde in your sign. Venus has to do with our value systems, our commitments to ourselves and others, and what we desire most in life. This will be a very introspective period for you. With this aspect, you’re more likely to look at where you have been and not where you’re going. Any problems in relationships will likely show up at this time, so that you have the opportunity to address the issue and move on. This would also be an excellent time for you to review your investments, but not necessarily make any changes until after December 2.

With the eclipses that occur in January, this is an excellent time for you to promote your business, to consider moving, or shifting your whole career direction. This is a busy year. Enjoy yourself!

Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)

Finances will be one of your biggest focuses in 2018. This is an excellent year for you to review your investments, your salary, or the fees you charge others. This could be a good time to review your spending and put yourself on a budget.

At work, you will want to be appreciated for what you know rather than just what you’re willing to do for your boss or customers. If you find that you are not respected, you may be looking elsewhere for a place to work where you are valued.

This can also be a good year to turn a hobby into a moneymaking enterprise. You put some of your talents on the back burner when you were younger, because you didn’t see a way they could generate income. Now’s the time to take those ideas out of storage and find a practical use for them.

2018 will also find you upgrading your health and dietary regimens. You are particularly interested in new ideas and approaches to your health. This can also be a time when you are revamping your working conditions. You may be putting in new wireless systems that prepare your business to attract and serve a different clientele.

Home and family issues continue to demand attention. You may be feeling lonely and missing aspects of the family life of your past. This can also be a time when family secrets are revealed, and you find that some of your beliefs are invalid and/or based on false assumptions. This will increase your drive to get at the truth.

Toward the end of 2018, your overall energies get better, and you will begin to take action on your ideas.

Capricorn (December 22–January 19)

This is a very significant year for Capricorns. Saturn, your ruling planet, enters its home sign, where it will hang around for approximately the next two and a half years. The last time Saturn moved through Capricorn was from 1988 through early 1991. Initially, you are going through a period of reevaluation to determine the future usefulness of everything and everyone in your life. You will expect people to be more mature and keep their commitments. If they don’t, you will not find time for them in your life.

2018 is also a significant year for you to review and set new career aspirations. If you are younger, you will feel that you really need to step up your game and make something of your life. If you’re older, you may be putting less emphasis on your career and looking for activities that are more personally satisfying. Overall, you’re trying to make the best use of your resources, time, love, and money . . . and get the most back on your investments.

For those Capricorns born in the last 10 days of the sign, your cleanout and overhaul is on a much larger scale. You are cutting ties with your past and exploring new ways to bring that spark back into your life.

Relationships are going through a period of review as well. This would be a good year to take your relationship to the next level, or possibly renew your vows. Relationships that don’t serve a purpose may not have a place in
your life.

You are more creative and inventive this year. This will give you more original solutions and help as you push forward on your path.

Aquarius (January 20–February 18)

The two primary areas that will be the most active this year are your career and your home and family. You are looking to reinvent yourself in both areas.

With your career, this is an excellent time for self-promotion, starting your own business, expanding your education, or publishing your book. Over the last couple of years, you have been working on making what you do more personally satisfying. You could easily find yourself more connected to social media and stepping up your high-tech skills.

This is also a more social year for you. You can easily connect your career goals with business groups and professional associations. You can make friends and do more networking. If you are looking for a mentor or looking to mentor others, you can also make a lot of connections in this area of your life.

With Mars, the planet of action, going retrograde in your sign from June through September, you will want to start your projects before June. Then June through September can be a time to review your strategy and determine how well you’re accomplishing
your goals.

Mars remains in your sign through the middle of November. You will find that you’re not sleeping as well, and you may need to exercise more to burn off some energy. Venus, planet of love and money, goes retrograde in your career sector from September through early December. This is a good time to review your salary, the trust you have in work relationships, and what you spend your money on.

Get your projects started from January through June so you have time to review them with the Mars and Venus retrogrades in the last half of the year.

Pisces (February 19–March 20)

2018 is a year of opportunities for Pisceans. The planets are in a positive position for you over the next couple of years. During this period, it will be easier to get things done.

This is an especially good year to improve and/or supplement your education. You are mentally more receptive to new ideas. This can be an especially creative time if you are an artist or writer. The first half of 2018 is best for travel and studying abroad. You are interested in diversifying your cultural views.

Professional business groups can be especially beneficial in 2018 and 2019. It is a particularly good time for you to take on leadership roles. Over the past few years, you disconnected yourself from friends and groups that had outlived their usefulness. You will be very selective about where you invest your time and support. Pay attention to your boundaries, so you don’t take on too much. If the organization isn’t fulfilling your expectations, pick up your blocks and go home.

You’ll also find that it’s easier for you to communicate your ideas. You are feeling freer to speak up, even when your views push the boundaries. This is an additional circumstance that helps you open up to new ideas and new points of view, but in a daily process. It will be easier for you to work with electronic devices and social media. You will change your daily habits so that your life is freer and you have fewer obligations.

With Neptune, your ruling planet, journeying through Pisces until March 2025, your journey of self-discovery continues. As you let go of past beliefs, it becomes easier to live in your own truth.

This article appears in the January 2018 edition of OutSmart magazine.


Lilly Roddy

Lilly Roddy has been an Astrologer for the last 25 years. She counsels individuals in personal, business and financial matters as well as teaches classes in Astrology. She is a regular contributor to OutSmart Magazine.
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