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Annalee Naylor, as the name implies, is ready for… well, anything.

Annalee Naylor (Photos by Alex Rosa)

Never one to take herself too seriously, Annalee Naylor is a walking, talking sex joke. The bombshell is blessed with the gift of gab … along with a set of hypermammiferous assets that would leave Jayne Mansfield slackjawed. But this drag opossum isn’t letting the world pass her by. She is making the most out of life, even if she makes herself the butt of the joke, and the crowd loves her for it. Find out more about this busty beauty.

In drag I prefer she/her, but “beast” is also acceptable. Out of drag, I don’t care.

I am a Houston native.

Drag birthday?
I was born on the 4th of July. I did a white trash pageant and won. It’s the only title I’ve ever won.

What got you interested in drag?
I went to High School for Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA) for theater and went to college in New York for theater, but after graduating I had to move back home because of my enormous amount of student debt. I was stuck in a soulless corporate job. I have always loved the art of drag. I grew up watching Divine and John Waters movies. I also have followed RuPaul’s Drag Race since the day it premiered. After working for a while in something that wasn’t creative or artistic, I needed a way to perform and express myself, and that’s when I found drag.

Describe your drag persona.
I don’t view myself as having a persona in drag. I’m pretty much myself, but just with big boobs and big hair. Being in drag, I feel, gives me permission to be myself and not care about being judged. There is power in vulnerability, and I feel very vulnerable in drag. I’m not perfect or the prettiest, but I know I’m funny, and I’m not afraid to be messy. I’m just a simple girl from the trailer park next door who you’d be scared to bring home to your parents.

Story behind the name?
My name is a sex joke anal-lee nail-her, get it? Lol! It was originally Annalee Devasted, but people couldn’t say that so I changed it because a woman who helped at my job had the last name Naylor and I loved it.

Most embarrassing moment on stage?
Falling is always embarrassing, but I don’t tend to get embarrassed. I tend to lean into it. I do a donkey show with a stuffed donkey with a working penis. I’ve done a number where I pay tribute to Edith “The Egg Lady” from John Waters’s Pink Flamingos, where I eat raw eggs and rub them all over my body. I just did a number inspired by Marina Abramovic Rhythm O where I laid objects out on stage and I let the audience do whatever they wanted with me, all set to Lady Gaga’s “Do What You Want With My Body.” So I guess you could say I embrace the embarrassing.

The ultimate goal as a performer?
I’d like to do a stage show, like a one-woman show, or maybe create a comedic series for TV or the internet. I also would like to do a podcast because I love to talk. I’m still also discovering new things as an artist, so who knows where it might take me.

Thoughts about recent legislation regarding drag performances?
That was really scary, because at the time, I had just started doing drag full-time. It was threatening my livelihood. Thankfully we had the support of people who realized that drag queens were being used as scapegoats, and nothing came of that legislation. Remember to get out and vote so nothing like that will happen again!

Favorite hangout spots?
When I’m not at home. I love to go to Ripcord. It’s my home bar. I also enjoy Michael’s Outpost on a Tuesday. Really, it’s wherever my friends are performing.

Describe your aesthetic.
My aesthetic can be summed up by a Dolly Parton quote: “I was not a natural beauty. I wanted to be pretty I always wanted to be flashy. When they always used to say less is less and more is more, more is good for me. I always patterned my look after the town tramp. She wore makeup, high heels, and tight clothes. I always thought she was the prettiest thing.” When I first started, I wanted to be ugly and messy, but that doesn’t always translate, so I had to class it up a bit . . . but not too much.

Must-have accessory?
My breasts. All the women in my family are blessed in that department, so I like to partake in those blessings when I’m in drag.

Favorite drag character from the media?
Hands down, Divine! I’ve loved him for the longest, and I’ve been inspired by his whole drag career. I’ve made two outfits inspired by them, and they are just the best.

Where can fans see you perform?
I perform every Monday at Ripcord with Luna of the Lilies for Basura. I have another show at Ripcord on the second Thursday of every month called Dirty THoTs. I’m on cast at Michael’s Outpost for Laugh Track hosted by Carmina Vavra. I host the first and last Wednesday of the month at The Room Bar in Spring with Dynasty Banks and Iris Seymour.

What have you learned from drag that you use in your everyday life?
People will always judge you, and that’s okay. I don’t have to let that take away my joy. Other people’s opinions are their problems, not mine. Being kind goes a long way.

Life mantra?
Try to see things from someone else’s perspective and just be kind.

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