February Horoscope: Mercury Retrograde


Clean up, reorganize, and take care of existing projects
by Lilly Roddy

We start our month off with Mercury retrograding until February 17. With Mercury retrograde, it’s a good time to clean up, reorganize, and take care of existing projects. Wait until after the 17th to start any new projects or purchase electronic devices. • The Full Moon on February 3 in Leo will help us to focus on our inner child. Do something nice for yourself! The New Moon on the 18th is in Aquarius. That would be a very good time to get involved with a social organization or community group. • Valentine’s Day falls under the Mercury retrograde this year. If you’re making plans for a special occasion, make sure that you double-check your calendar.

ARIES (March 21–April 19). During the first part of the month, you are connecting with old friends and others from your past. Former associates could be especially helpful this month regarding business connections or potential career changes. In the latter half of the month, you are in a time of retreat—a perfect opportunity for you to be reflective. You become much more self-focused by the end of the month, when you may be starting a new project or even a new exercise program.

TAURUS (April 20–May 20). With Mercury retrograde in your career sector, you’ve been rethinking where you work, what you really want to do, and considering ways to make some career changes. This can also be a time when lots of past business problems come to the surface. Look to friends and associates to be especially helpful and supportive, especially in the latter part of the month. You continue to work on getting your finances in order.

GEMINI (May 21–June 21). Since the end of 2014, you’ve been a lot more serious about your career and your relationships. With Mercury, your ruler, retrograde, it’s an excellent time to get away from your day-to-day routine. By the time you get back into your routine at the end of the month, you’ll be ready to make some decisions about your life—especially concerning your relationships. Be careful not to push yourself too hard.

CANCER (June 22–July 22). With Mercury retrograde this month, you are paying much more attention to getting your larger financial picture in order. You also have been working especially hard to rid yourself of anything that makes you feel trapped or restricted. Your career energies are especially active toward the end of the month. Get ready for some sort of new activity that you will want to be in charge of.

LEO (July 23–August 22). Relationships are especially important this month with Mercury retrograding in your partnership sector. If you’ve been having trouble, this is the time to address those problems. If you are unable to find common ground, you could be ending some of your partnerships. Intimacy and honesty will be even more important in the latter part of the month. You are more easygoing, and you seem to be getting into the flow by the end of the month.

VIRGO (August 23–Sepetmber 22). With Mercury, your ruling planet, going retrograde, you have really been working on getting rid of the clutter in your life and reestablishing some of your health and exercise programs. Your relationships were very important last month, and the first half of February is an especially good time to be renewing business or personal relationships. Take some time out for a run in the park, badminton with your partner, or a long weekend getaway. In the bigger picture, you are working on making your nest a more comfortable place to live.

LIBRA (September 23–October 23). Librans are still having to focus more on themselves, rather than on trying to maintain their relationships. Decisions during this time really need to be made based on what’s best for you. The first half of the month would be a good time for you to get out of town and visit some old friends. You definitely need a little distance early in the month, but relationship energies are strongly renewed by the end of the month. Be ready to act based on what is in your best interest.

SCORPIO (October 24–November 21). Home, family, and roots have your interest this month with the Mercury retrograde visiting those sectors. You are looking back nostalgically at your family and your early history. You may also want to spend more time at home, away from the madding crowd. Toward the end of the month, you are feeling much more creative and ready to get out and have a good time. Your energy levels are higher, and you may want to initiate some sort of exercise program for 2015.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22–December 21). With Saturn, planet of future planning and long-term security, entering your sign for the next 2½ years, all of your decisions seem to carry a much heavier weight. Communication has been an issue this month, but that will clear up after the 19th. You could be having trouble with your car, or difficulty just booking an airline flight. Home and family become a much more important issue for you in the latter half of the month. That would be a good time for family gatherings or celebrations at home.

CAPRICORN (December 22–January 19). As the month begins, you are very focused on getting your financial affairs in order. You are working overtime to make sure that there are no hang-ups here. You are in a creative mood intellectually, and are able to come up with good solutions for all of your problems. Home and family become more important issues toward the end of the month. This is a longer-term process, and you are either looking to potentially relocate or remake your home into a more ideal location. The changes occurring in your family are part of the natural aging process.

AQUARIUS (January 20–February 18). This is your birthday month—your natural yearly cycle when you take the time to review the past year’s goals and potentially set new ones. Since Mercury is retrograde in your sign, this is an especially introspective time for you. You will be especially focused on improving your financial situation during the latter half of the year. After Mercury is direct, it will be a great time for you to start a new business project. • Illustration by David Eduardo Flores Perez.

PISCES (February 19–March 20). With Mars, planet of action and energy, continuing to move through your sign, it hasn’t been easy for you to be patient and wait for the Mercury retrograde to end so you can start new projects. You are especially psychically sensitive during the last week of February. Make sure you take some time for yourself, or people will see your anger. Your career energies continue to improve as you work on creating a better job situation.

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Lilly Roddy

Lilly Roddy has been an Astrologer for the last 25 years. She counsels individuals in personal, business and financial matters as well as teaches classes in Astrology. She is a regular contributor to OutSmart Magazine.

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