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2024 Astrocast Overview

We start the year in Mercury retrograde, so New Year’s resolutions will be delayed.

Mercury retrograde, which generally occurs three to four times a year, is always an important time for all signs, as it allows us to review the past while putting our present choices on hold. We start the year in Mercury retrograde, so New Year’s resolutions will be delayed. The next Mercury retrogrades are March 28–May 3, July 31–September 3, and November 21–December 21. These are good times for cleaning up, clearing out, finishing projects, and connecting with people from your past. However, it is never a good time to purchase a car or electronics, or sign your name to a document.

The eclipses this year will be in Libra/Aries and Libra/Pisces. The first set of eclipses is the Lunar Eclipse at the March 25 Full Moon in Libra and the Solar Eclipse on April 8 in Aries. The second set of eclipses is the Lunar Eclipse on September 18 in Pisces and the Solar Eclipse on October 2 in Libra. Eclipses are door openers. They allow us to see an alternative path. The 2024 eclipses will have the strongest impact on the cardinal signs of Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn.

Spring will be a busy time of year. We will slow down some in the summer and will be more reflective. In late fall and early winter, we will be getting ready to take on new projects and ventures.

(Mar. 21–Apr. 19)

Eclipses will play a big role in your astrological outlook this year. The eclipses in March/April and September/October will provide you with new opportunities and focus attention on your relationships. You will be initiating new projects.

Mercury is retrograde in your sign March 28–May 3. This will have a direct impact on your relationships. If your relationships are positive, this is a great time to reflect together on why you are together. If you are in a difficult partnership, you will be confronting those issues seeking some sort of resolution.

Friendships, work colleagues, and your support groups are all going through major life shifts. Some folks are retiring, others are moving on to a new stage in their lives, and you are assessing the benefits you receive from the organizations you belong to.

Your interest in metaphysics or spiritual pursuits are strong this year. You may take this up as a study or improve your existing knowledge. You are questioning more why you are here and the nature of your spiritual path on the planet.

This continues to be a good time for investment, expanding your current resource base, and connecting to something that really satisfies your passion. This will be very strong in April!

Communications and your curiosity will be stronger after May. You may be looking to expand your education, do more traveling, or develop your presence on social media. Come summer, you will have lots of new ideas opening up for you.

Overall, this is a fairly positive year. You will be more selective about the people you allow close to you this year. Your psychic receptivity is stronger, and people seeking help may bug you more than usual.

(Apr. 20–May 20)

Career direction, a shift in long-term goals, moving on to something else, and possible retirement are what the planets have in store for you. There will be shifts in your industry or with the company you work for, even if you run your own business. Many of you have been looking for something more exciting. You may find help and support in business organizations or from colleagues in your field. You will want to take an active role, or you may shy away from that area of your life.

You may also be looking to relocate for your work. You are looking for wide-open spaces and a chance to be closer to nature.

Your relationships continue to be positive through the end of May. This is a great time for taking your relationship to the next level or taking some time to appreciate what you have. If you are in a restrictive or unappreciative relationship, you are already looking! Mid-April could be a very bumpy time if you are around people who want to put you in a box.

Finances and investments improve after May. This is a much better time to ask for a raise, upgrade your skills, and expand your resource base. You are more likely to want to spend money, and you will have to be aware of that throughout 2024. You are also working hard to get yourself out of debt and lessen the financial

Take the lead and move forward with the necessary changes in your life after
January 9.

(May 21–June 21)

You are interested in the long-term perspective this year. Your career energies are going to be very active this year and next year. You may be looking to take a leadership role, start your own business, or if you’re older, cutting down and having better personal balance in your life. You have been looking for something more fulfilling for the last several years, and this will be the year that you make some choices about that direction.

Boundaries are going to be especially important this year. You want to be treated with respect and appreciated for what you do. For people that take advantage of you, you will be limiting their access to you. You may be going through a big cleanout by getting rid of things you don’t need. You may also be questioning your personal holiday and family traditions and the relevance they hold for you.

There are some changes occurring in the family hierarchy, and you may have to step up! You are seeing your parents and family members in a more realistic light. You may feel the pressure of being an adult and may be wanting to start your own family.

Jupiter, the planet of growth, travel, expansion, and good luck, enters your sign on May 25th for a one-year stay. This will help with most all activities and plans for the future. Jupiter will provide more options and give you more of a magnetic personality. You may even be busier than you like. Multi-tasking will be required.

This year, Mercury retrograde impacts your sign more than other signs. There are three this year: March 28–May 3, July 31–September 3, and November 21–December 21. The one in November/December will have the strongest impact. Take care of the past and put the future on hold.

(June 22–July 22)

This year you will be gaining traction, creaating order, and bringing focus to your interests and projects. You will be exposed to differing points of view this year, and you may review what you think you know through broadening your education or improving your existing skill set. You have a lot of ideas this year, and you want others to hear your point of view through social media. You may also be the teacher this year, as well!

Your social arena continues to grow. You are connecting with people who share a similar point of view in order to improve your neighborhood or to bring an awareness to diversity and justice. This is an excellent year to join a business organization. You may find that you are pushed into a leadership role here. And for some of you, this is a year of stepping away from what you have done in the past and looking for a less chaotic environment.

Over the past few years, you have been overhauling your relationship patterns and partnership interactions. You have been clearing away your hesitancy and learning to be more comfortable with being more direct. Others will be surprised! This has helped positive partnerships get past negative blocks in the relationship, while difficult partnerships have gone by the wayside.

This year begins a time when you will be working on getting rid of your debt, looking at investments, and overall making better use of your resources. You are willing to look at a long-term plan to get everything in order.

The eclipses this year are in your career sector in March/April and in October. This should open up some new opportunities for you! You may even be considering doing something on your own. You want your career to be of your own making.

(July 23–Aug. 22)

This year begins a shift in your perspective on relationships of all kinds. You are clearing your negative patterns and eliminating people who are toxic. In personal relationships, this can mean a time to renew your initial goals and reasons you got together. This will be extra strong when Mercury is retrograde in your sign in August and September.

This continues to be a time of shift and change in your career arena. For some, this can be a time when you are ready to retire. For others, you are ready to do something more interesting that really stirs your passion. You may be starting something on your own or taking on a leadership position at work or in your community.

You are more social this year, expanding your circle of friends and colleagues. You will have a great awareness of your community and will want to participate in making your neighborhood better.

You are being a lot more conservative with your money and investments, and are doing more with what you have. This is an excellent year to deal with debt and free yourself from some of the burdens of obligation. It may be harder to get a loan this year, and money will seem tighter. This may increase your concern and cause you to be even safer with your finances.

This is a better year for expanding your education, honing your existing skill set, working with social media, and setting up
a blog or a podcast.

The eclipses this year, March/April and September/October, are putting emphasis on your day-to-day activities. You will be eliminating some activities and adding others that really interest you. You will be more communicative during the eclipses, as you will be sharing your point of view more clearly.

(Aug. 23-Sept.22)

You Virgos are getting serious this year. You are reevaluating your relationships and career, bringing in better boundaries and feeling better about telling people no. Generally, you are paying much more attention to your boundaries. You are not just responding to keep the peace or make others happy—although you could!

In existing relationships, this is a time for review and renewal. You may need new goals to bring a partnership into better agreement. This is also a good year to make new commitments, as you are wide awake about what you are getting into in either business or romance. You will want to find resolution with difficult relationships, one way or the other.

Career activity is going to be positive and active this year. You are reevaluating your current career position, trying to decide on a course of action. Although your career energy is already improving, it gets very good in May. This beneficial time will be strong through June 2025. But you are taking a more practical and realistic view, and you will be more careful about the choices you make. If you are a stay-at-home parent, you may have a more active community life and find yourself involved in projects that may seem “career-like.”

You continue to question your spiritual life, as you are more sensitive and psychically aware. You have been in this cycle for the last few years, and it has affected your point of view and determining what really matters.

Mercury, your ruler, will be retrograde in late July through early September, and late November through late December. These retrogrades will have a strong impact on you. You will be more introspective and question your choices during these periods.

You are going to make some progress this year!

(Sept. 23–Oct. 23)

You are working on creating more order, keeping better boundaries, and not taking on too much this year. If you work outside the home, you are improving your personal routines. There should be equipment updates and better communications. There will be less redundancy and more efficiency. You will be more clear about what your job is—and what it isn’t. If you are an at-home worker, you will want a better workspace with modern connections. You will also want a clearer schedule, so you don’t find yourself always working. You are wanting your family to grow up and take on greater responsibilities.

This is also an important year to pay attention to improving your health through exercise, better eating, and eradicating the negative influences around you. This is a great year to set up a routine of exercise so that it fits into your busy life.

You are more interested in expanding your point of view or education. This is a wonderful year for improving your existing skill set or even teaching a class and helping others. You are generally more open-minded and can see how small actions affect the larger world. This is a better time for travel and connecting with people from other countries. This can also be a very good year for dealing with international business.

Creatively, you are looking for ways to express your individuality and uniqueness. You may be taking on a hobby and growing that into a business. If you have children, you will see them being more ingenious. There is a playful part of you that wants more fun time!

The eclipses this year, March/April and September/October, will have a direct impact on your relationships. If your partnerships are not going very well, these times can be very challenging. If you are doing well, the eclipses will only help to magnify those pleasurable aspects.

(Oct. 24–Nov. 21)

Relationship energies continue to be positive through May. You are looking for a more balanced relationship where responsibilities are shared. You don’t have any patience for people who are too demanding, and you will be eliminating those people from your life. Intellect, equality, and friendship are very important to you in your partnerships. After May, you may be considering a deeper level of commitment or personal investment. This is a better year for financial investments, loans, and investments in general. Companies that deal with travel and communications are viable investments for you.

Your core values are going through a clearing and cleaning. This will be seen impacting your family, the family hierarchy, where you reside, and who are you at the deepest levels.

With the family, people are getting older and there is a shift in who is in charge. If you have older relatives, this can be a time when they retire or possibly move on. You may face some personal challenges when it comes to family dynamics. In some challenging cases, you may withdraw completely. Your personal definition of family is coming into conflict with the mythology of family. There can also be some hidden truths that are unearthed at this time.

You may feel that you are going through a death and rebirth time or a shedding of your old skin. You are more direct and have less tolerance for BS. You will question your own identity. You may make some major shifts in your life, stepping away from your previous career path. There can be changes there that are about shifts in your industry, and you may not know if you are going to continue. This is a great time for therapy, improving your health, getting rid of negative people, and removing the shackles of the past.


Over the last several years, there have been some significant changes in your family. Older relatives are giving way to the young folk, and it may have been harder to find the connections you once had. Personally, you have needed more time to yourself with fewer demands from family members. All that is slowly shifting, and there is a sense of order coming back into your family. Even if you are relatively young, you may have to step up and take on a leadership role in your family. There is definitely a need for guidance and putting things back on course.

You may be looking to relocate, remodel, or purchase your own home.
You are looking for more long-term stability in your life. This is also impacting your career goals. You may feel that this is the time to start your family and start building your life.

With career, you are more open to going to school, expanding on existing experience, and making yourself more valuable. You are also wanting more personal freedom when it comes to work. This is an excellent time to improve your work environment. If you are working from home, you are looking to upgrade your home office.

In May, your relationship energies improve. If you are involved, this will help to bring fresh energy into your partnership. If you are single, this is a better time for meeting new people and expanding your social life. In business, this is a better year for connecting with colleagues and pleasant customers. With the stabilizing factors also going on, this can be a time for commitments.

You are improving your day-to-day activities by getting rid of bad habits and making better use of your time. You are more direct and to the point!

(Dec. 22–Jan. 19)

Your year starts with Mercury retrograding in your sign. This is a clear indication to step back and gain some perspective before you move forward. Capricorns have been going through some tough times since 2008. The major impact of this long process is coming to an end. You have been forced to respond to change, despite your best efforts at trying to gain some stability and safety. With family, there have been some losses that have made you rethink what is really important in your life. You may have felt cut off or isolated. Help and support may have been hard to find. Through all of it, you are leaner and tougher. You are now entering a rebuilding phase in your life where things will have more stability and permanence. You will be doing that by making sure you have a great balance between work and home

You will be improving your daily agenda by setting a schedule that provides a clear structure for getting things done—and for recuperating, as well! This can be a time where you are interested in taking classes and possibly even teaching one.

You will be rediscovering some latent talents over the next couple of years and finding ways to include them in your life.

The eclipses in March/April and September/October this year are in the career and home areas of your horoscope. These can be good times for new work opportunities that may affect where you live.

You will be busier than you have been with work and home routines. There is improvement in your workspace. You may be getting some office upgrades so your communications will be vastly improved.

You are slowly becoming more social. Family issues may draw you out this summer. Be ready to set some boundaries there!

(Jan. 20–Feb. 18)

The next few years are going to be exciting, challenging, and growth-oriented times for Aquarians. This is not a quick process, but one that allows you to go inward and clean out all the muck. This will impact you in your relationships, family, career, and your view of yourself.

In relationships, this can be a time to challenge rigidity and outmoded ways of relating. You and your partner may be redefining the roles in your relationship, providing you with more freedom and equality. Having intellectual interests in common is a must with Aquarians. In difficult relationships, this can be a period when some sort of resolution must occur. You will not continue to go on as before without that resolution.

With career, you are not feeling as connected as before. You are exploring alternatives that reflect more of your personal interests rather than what you are good at. If you are older (or just tired of old ways), you may be considering retirement or disconnecting from the grid. And some of you will be starting your own thing that guarantees more control and personal self-determination.

With family, there have already been changes that are pushing away the past and making way for present realities. You are able to detach yourself from problems and squabbles from the past and move on. You may also be looking to relocate this year. That desire could be very strong in July.

And finally, this is a very good year to have children, to relate better with your children, or just satisfy your own inner child. This is a more playful and creative time. Personally, you may focus on your hobbies and external interests. This is a great year for going back to school for an advanced degree and expanding your presence on social media for business.

(Feb. 19–Mar. 20)

This year you are bringing order, direction, decision, focus, and clarity to your life. This is the year of boundary-making and improvements. You are going to be focused on yourself this year, which is stepping out of character for you. You are normally more open and willing to help others, even when it’s not in your best interest. You will be valuing yourself more and not giving away the best parts of yourself this year.

With friends, you are looking for them to grow up and act like adults, or you may not want these folks in your life. You don’t want to hear the same old complaints. You want to see them take action on resolving their problems and not dump them on you.

In your career, you are ready to take more control of what is going on. This is a good time to step into a leadership role or consider doing something on your own. If you are older, this can be a time of retirement or semi-retirement, but you will still be looking for a new project that reflects more of your personal interests.

Existing relationships need renewal and resetting goals for the future. This is a much better time for commitments, weddings, and business partnerships. You are clearer about your boundaries, so you have more freedom in your choices.

You are looking for more personal options and freedom with your work schedule. You just don’t need to be stuck in one place!

This is a very good time to upgrade your electronics and internet connections.

Family connections improve in the summer. This can be a good time to heal old family wounds and betrayals, as family members are more receptive.

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