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A Crucial Moment for LGBTQ Representation

Two elections this month could pave the way for November victories.

Candidate Molly Cook

We have much to celebrate from the March 5 primary election results, where LGBTQ+ voters were key to the success of LGBTQ+ candidates across Harris County.  

We retained almost all of our LGBTQ+ state and local officials, while opening the door to grow their ranks.  

Here are two key dates to remember to get out and vote: Saturday, May 4 and Tuesday, May 28.  

If you’re wondering why it is we’re voting again, it’s complicated. So bear with me.  

On Saturday, May 4, LGBTQ+ Victory Fund candidate Molly Cook will be on the ballot to fill Mayor John Whitmire’s vacated seat in the Texas State Senate for the remainder of the year. A registered nurse and healthcare advocate, Molly can become the first ever out LGBTQ+ member of the upper chamber, where our community faces the most hostility and desperately needs representation.  

Then on Tuesday, May 28, we get to vote again! This time Molly Cook is on the ballot for the runoff for next year’s full term, and queer organizer Lauren Ashley Simmons is facing anti-LGBTQ Representative Shawn Thierry in a runoff election. It’s imperative that we win both of these races this month.  

Thousands of voters live in both House District 146—where Lauren is running—and Senate District 15—where Molly is running—so there’s a good chance you can vote for both candidates. Visit harrisvotes.com to make sure you’re registered to vote and verify your polling place. To learn more and support LGBTQ+ candidates in Texas and around the country, visit victoryfund.org 

Here’s another date to remember: Sunday, May 19. 

If you’re wondering what you can do to help fuel more LGBTQ+ wins here and around the country, come join us for the first Houston Victory Funday!  

Supporters will hear from Mayor Whitmire, Houston City Councilman Mario Castillo, as well as Mondaire Jones—who’s running in one of the most consequential congressional races this year as he seeks to win back the U.S. House seat in New York’s Hudson Valley. We’re also planning to honor the trailblazing legacy of transgender Judge Phyllis Frye, and dozens of out officials and candidates will be in attendance. Don’t miss your chance to meet some of your heroes and support the cause of LGBTQ+ representation.  

The support LGBTQ+ Victory Fund earns in May will pay off in election victories this November. You can reserve your ticket today at tinyurl.com/5xjxdw93

See you there!  

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Annise Parker

Former Houston Mayor Annise Parker is the President & CEO of LGBTQ Victory Fund and LGBTQ Victory Institute. A complete list of Victory Fund-endorsed candidates is available at victoryfund.org/ourcandidates.
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