From Our Readers: July 2009


What a great and insightful profile on hopefully Houston’s next mayor—Annise Parker—in the June Pride issue of OutSmart [“Annise Parker Aims High,” by Brandon Wolf].

Other than the fact that I knew she had been our city’s controller and a city council member prior to that, the only thing I knew about Annise was that she was out!

Thank you for Brandon Wolf’s fine depiction, getting Annise to open up about everything from her travels and travails as a shy youngster to her years at Rice University onto the corporate world before entering into the high-pressure city government phase of her life.

Now poised at a very young and vibrant 50-something, Annise has the vision and the experience to take the reins of a city that is doing quite well, thank you. Hopefully, Annise can step in and provide Houstonians with just what they need—a politician who thinks like we do. Economics first; not politics. Manage our bottom line and hit the ground ready to run.

I’ve had the chance to meet Annise at a couple of events and have found her to be as genuine in sharing a minute or two with her guests as Brandon Wolf has presented in this profile.

Best of luck to Annise in the campaign, and how cool will it be to have a mayor who knows when to put on the hit and run or when to drop down a bunt.

E. Sullivan
Houston, Texas


The June 2009 issue of OutSmart magazine is beautiful and useful for Pride news and events.

It also is a sign of professionalism on the editors’ part in that it puts this year’s Stonewall-inspired celebration in perspective by honoring the resources that are preserving GLBT history in the Houston area, the community libraries/archives.

Billy Glover
Houston, Texas


At first I was pleased to find Brandon Wolf’s feature “The Houston Transgender Archive” [June], but my good mood quickly turned into disappointment and vexation.

The article consistently refers to transgender people as “transgenders.” The word “transgender” should be used as an adjective, not as a noun. Its use as a noun is listed under the heading “Problematic Terminology to Avoid” in the GLAAD Media Reference Guide (7th edition): Problematic: “transgenders,” “a transgender.” Preferred: “transgender people,” “a transgender person.”

Transgender should be used as an adjective, not as a noun. Do not say, “Tony is a transgender,” or “The parade included many transgenders.” Instead say, “Tony is a transgender man,” or “The parade included many transgender people.”

I’m sure OutSmart meant no harm, but this error made the article difficult for me to enjoy.

I’d love to see OutSmart lead the way for other members of the media by using the word “transgender” in the preferred way in the future.

Brandi DiPietro
Austin, Texas


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