Nelly Furtado: Folklore

Nelly Furtado showed up on the scene in the fall of 2000 with the release of her acclaimed debut Whoa, Nelly! Radio tracks such as “I’m Like a Bird” and “Turn off the Light,” both top-10 hits on the Billboard singles charts, introduced listeners to a young Canadian, British Columbian by birth and Portuguese by heritage, who brought a self-styled vibrancy to the diverse music she whipped together: hip-hop, Portuguese fado, pop, soul, classical, Brazilian, dance, folk, Latin, and anything else that seemed expressive and alive to her. The new album’s songs further develop the ideas and emotions that have long compelled Furtado. And with her ever-upbeat sense of fusion and generosity, her music continues to ignore the stylistic restrictions that can leave pop music stale. From DreamWorks Records ( More info: —Suzie Lynde


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