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Modern Risk Management LLC: The Right Choice For Insurance 

Full-service agency offers solutions with a personal touch.

Dustin Harwell, President & CEO of Modern Risk Management LLC

Insurance has the ability to aid in the recovery process when consumers are at their most vulnerable. Modern Risk Management LLC, under the direction of President & CEO Dustin Harwell, has a vast array of options as well as that personal touch to help clients across the Houston area.

Modern Risk Management LLC, located at 11757 Katy Freeway Ste 1300 Houston, TX 77079, is a BBB accredited, full-service, independent insurance agency that offers competitive rates and impeccable customer service for all your personal, commercial, and financial needs. 

Dustin brings with him over a decade of insurance experience and a strong work ethic committed to helping people achieve a worry-free financial future by delivering insurance solutions for all policy types.

“I love this industry because I’m a person that likes to help others,” he said. “I like helping people find  the right level of protection. It is an honor to do good for my community.” 

As a personal insurance advisor, Dustin says he builds strong relationships with his clients, communicating real-life scenarios to create a solution that makes sense, allowing for a personal touch not commonly found in most other insurance agencies. 

“In terms of when people come to my agency, it’s immediately reviewing their policy, uncovering their  situation, and truly making sure that each policy endorsement makes sense for their protection,” he said. “I’ve had clients communicate to me over the last few years that their current agent has not been the best at explaining their coverages, which has kept them in the dark come claim time. That tells me that some competitors are simply selling policies based on what they are earning from the policy, rather than for the right reasons, which is the needs of the client. 

It’s our job to do right by the client and correct prior insurance mistakes to strengthen that client relationship. I’m in the business of making people’s lives better, so I want them to have a greater peace of mind should the unexpected happen. I take a lot of pride in what I do and tell clients at the end of the day you may not be my family, but I’m going to treat you like family.” 

For anyone interested in doing business with Dustin, he points out that his agency fees are two to three times less than most major independent agency competitors. His aim is to cut costs instead of increasing expenses for his clients. Dustin charges a one-time $50 agency fee, meaning that no matter how many policies you purchase from his agency, no future fees will be collected for the duration of your agency relationship. 

While some people believe insurance is a waste of money, it is an absolute necessity within your family’s  financial plan, Dustin said. He adds that without the appropriate insurance coverage, the financial implications are immense through the recovery phase. 

“We already have an economy where inflation is increasing at a rapid rate with many consumers barely keeping up with their bills,” he said. “Now is the right time to think about your insurance coverage and how well you and your family are protected. Just think about a natural catastrophe happening to you in this current economic situation. What would it do to your budget and how would it affect you both short term and long term financially?” 

For more information on Modern Risk Management LLC, visit www.modernriskins.com

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