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Island Idol Season 7 Unveils Spectacular Galveston Talent

Hostess Carly D. Nation is also well-known for her upcoming Transfolk YouTube series.

(l-r) Contestants Assi, Lily, and Skeeter; host Carly D. Nation; contestant Dave; judges Natalia Castravet, Lucio Nieto, and Chris Monteith; contestants Cherita and Courtney (Photography by Patricia Nieto)

Season 7 of the Island Idol competition has kicked off and is already making waves as the most talented group the show has yet seen. Carly D. Nation is one of Galveston’s most familiar faces who is currently producing and filming her own series, Transfolk, on Galveston Island. That project has been a decade-long process, from writing to filming while recasting principal roles.

“That series is a labor of love, and I have to get this story out,” says Carly. “The only option is that it gets done, no matter what it takes.” The official trailer has been released on YouTube with an anticipated series release this summer.

As the hostess of Island Idol and The Voice Galveston, Carly shares her platform with other aspiring artists throughout Texas. Many competitors in the singing competition travel off the Island each week for their chance at winning this season. “People who don’t even know each other in the competition end up becoming friends well after the competition is over,” says Carly. “Seeing the growth from beginning to end is pretty amazing.”

After seven seasons as the show’s hostess, it’s apparent that the love and respect she has for each competitor allows others to eagerly join in for future seasons. For some, this season will mark their stage debut, while others return as previous competitors.

Island Idol Skeeter L’Angelle

Last season, Skeeter made it halfway through the competition before being eliminated. Now, he’s returned to the competition stronger. “This season has made me want to progress more with singing and continue to pull out all the stops to make everyone’s jaws drop,” he says.

On March 24, the week’s theme was Michael Jackson, and Skeeter performed as drag alias Aleesha Tryde with a slowed-down rendition of “Billie Jean,” advancing to the next round.

The show is presented at 23rd St. Station Piano Bar, voted Best Live Music Venue in Galveston by The Daily News. Partners Tommy Fiero and Todd Mackenzie are the owners, and Jim Greaser manages. Each week, Sherry Arnold is behind the bar serving patrons a slew of varietal cocktails during the show. The audience is primarily supporters of the contestants, parents of the judges, and BOI locals. The Top 6 will compete for six more weeks before one of them becomes the winner of Island Idol Season 7 on May 12.


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