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John Waters Trash-A-Thon at #Numbers

Three CELLULOID ATROCITIES by the “Pope of Trash”!

John Waters Trash-A-Thon at #Numbers

Presented by: Friends of River Oaks Theatre

Friends of River Oaks Theatre will screen a depraved triple-feature of iconic John Waters films, representing three decades of his career: Serial Mom, Polyester and Pink Flamingos. Hosted by drag artist Sauvignon Blanca, who will be performing and leading interactive activities between films. 

Hi Sauvanigion Blanca, thanks for speaking with us today! We can’t wait for the celebration of the man who just got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in honor of his crimes!


SB: Oh my sweet good golly goodness of course!!!!!!!! It’s an honor to be sitting here! I even corrected my posture for this! Thanks for letting me pollute your pages!

I had figured our Pope of Trash had already gotten his Hollywood star, but to be honest, this feels LONG overdue. And the cultural impact? It feels right. I did like that Pope Waters related the physical distance of the Hollywood Stars to a drain and gutter.

So you are the Mistress of Ceremonies for the trash-a-thon, tell us about yourself and why are you so excited about the event?

Well! As anyone who has ever had the displeasure of my respectable and controlled performance, I am a classy, high brow madam with nothing but restraint. I do wish there was a more severe italic to better deliver the sarcasm. I’m a controlled mess, who basically jolts around a stage, makes fun of people, and can’t land a joke to save my life. But at least I can look pretty while I do it. Pretty is debatable, but that could be a whole other novel. 

And oh my, how could you not be excited?! If you have even a decent sense of humor, or (dis)taste, you will find something to marvel at. Camp? Check. Morose humor? Check. A short caffeinated heathen who probably has a craft item superglued to her face? Check. 

Plus, in today’s world, you have to laugh at the absurd. You have to put a little panache and glitter on it all. Then get ready to celebrate Our Shining Pope Almighty Waters! I’m ready for it. 

We understand that the trash-a-thon is in partnership with John Waters’ End of the World show the following night at the Wortham Center. You are doing a raffle and a Most Divine dress up:down contest, what are the goods? 

We are!! Tix to Fri show for the raffle; book and doggie poop (treat) bags for the runners up! And for the dress-up I better see the WORK!! If that eyebrow shape is anything less than 75-degree angle, you’re out of here kiddo. I’ll get a protractor.

But of course what we all really care about, the goodies:

The raffle winner will get tickets to John Waters: End of the World show for the following evening, hosted by our partners in crimes, Performing Arts Houston, and a copy of Our Beloved Shining Pope Angel Wonder Almighty Waters’ most recent literary work, Liarmouth.

The Most Divine contest winner will get 10 raffle tickets tossed in (stacking the deck in her favor. Of course, we have some other fun little prizes. But you’ll just have to come and see what those are.

We know John Waters has a long history at the River Oaks Theatre as the showplace in Houston of his films, and with the team at Friends of River Oaks Theatre.  This is the beginning of a new chapter in what we hope is a very long book. And speaking of books do you have a favorite John Waters book?

Well…*tips my cowboy hat in an explicitly Texas manner! John Waters? That’s a section in the New Testament right? With the Texas education system being the way it is, I only learned how to read for abstinence-only education, and creationism (intentionally lowercase). 

Next thing you know, they might even start banning books, could you imagine? That being said, I’ll take myself with my SINFUL DRAG DOLLARS, and trot over to Brazos Bookstore, and get my hands on a copy of Liarmouth. I need some reminder that there is goodness in humanity?

But on a real note, Texas government, get it together. Support our Trans and Queer communities. And our marginalized communities. And test your drugs. And go get Liarmouth. And come to our event. 

And, most importantly, as a Texan, does anyone know where I can get some cowgirl boots? I still haven’t ever owned a pair.

Thanks for the interview, Sauvignon Blanca! And for those of our readers who are new to the work of John Waters, this quote from Waters should give you some idea of what you’re in for. “To me, bad taste is what entertainment is all about. If someone vomits watching one of my films, it’s like getting a standing ovation.”

First up:
Serial Mom: She’s the perfect all-American parent: a great cook and homemaker, a devoted recycler, and a woman who’ll literally kill to keep her family happy.

Polyester: A suburban Baltimore housewife’s life is upended when her husband reveals he’s been serially unfaithful and her teenage children go wayward. Then she meets a handsome stranger… Filmed in Odorama, smelling is believing! Scratch and sniff Odorama cards provided (while supplies last).

Pink Flamingos: Notorious Baltimore criminal and underground figure Divine goes up against Connie and Raymond Marble, a sleazy married couple who make a passionate attempt to humiliate her and seize her tabloid-given title as “The Filthiest Person Alive.”

About hostess Sauvignon Blanca: Sauvignon Blanca (De La Chancla) is your fresh glass of campy chaos. Once described as “a tire flying down the highway,” flavors of Sauvi B include high energy, with notes of club kid (maybe smelling like cat piss if it makes you pay more). Cool, crisp, and refreshing, Sauvi B is the perfect beverage for You*. Ready for a sip?

*According to the Surgeon General, Consumption of alcoholic beverages impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery, and may cause health problems.

Our partners in crime include Brazos Bookstore and Performing Arts Houston, who are putting on the John Waters: End of the World Tour live show the following day, Friday, October 13th, at the Wortham Center. Friends of River Oaks Theatre are raffling off 2 tickets to the John Waters live show and Waters’ first novel, Liarmouth. Enter here to win

Cinephile Membership gets free entry to the Trash-a-Thon, plus 10% off tickets to the LIVE John Waters show the following night!

Where: Scratch and sniff your way to  #Numbers (using your Oderama card)
When: Thursday, October 12, 2023
Time: 6:30PM doors, films start at 7:00PM

TICKETS – $20 (includes admission to all three films) Must be 18+ to attend.

Friends of River Oaks Theatre is hosting regular events leading up to the re-opening of the beloved cinema this winter. Entry to this and all our events is free with a Cinephile Membership, become a member for as little as $15 per month. Cinephile Members receive 2+ event tickets per month, free merch, drinks, popcorn and more! Own the mission, help keep the art in the arthouse, and save the River Oaks Theatre for years to come.

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