Letters From Our Readers-April 2010 Edition

Appreciations and corrections

Thank you so much for the enlightening and moving article titled “The Cancer-Causing STD” [by Leigh Bell, April 2010, click here for article]. I honestly had no idea about HPV and men, not to mention anal cancer. Thank you for portraying JD Francis in such a positive light. I hope you will continue to provide such great informative writings in the future.
James Self
Houston, Texas

I read the New Yorker from cover to cover in bits and pieces and it takes me a week to get through each week’s issue. I realized this issue as I read OutSmart from cover to cover. I’m just sorry I have never taken the time until now to let you know how much this Houston-native gay man really appreciates all that you to get out each issue. In my opinion, OutSmart is in the same league as the New Yorker.
Patrick McKee
Houston, Texas

The actor identified as Ben Hollingsworth in the photo from Oy Vey! My Son Is Gay! [Movies, April 2010] is John Lloyd Young. OutSmart regrets the error.

In the story about Resurrection MCC [“Adeptly Surviving Floods and Winds of Change” by Rich Arenschieldt, April 2010], the church was mistakenly identified as MCCR. Also, Rev. Janice Ladd is Resurrection MCC’s executive pastor, not its interim pastor, as the story stated. OutSmart regrets the errors.

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Greg Jeu

Greg Jeu is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of OutSmart Magazine.

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