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Montrose Counseling Center Honors Switchboard Volunteer

Wesley D. Capps

Gay & Lesbian Switchboard Houston volunteer Wesley D. Capps has received Montrose Counseling Center’s 2008 Tom Strain Volunteer of the Year Award. Capps has volunteered for nearly 200 hours in the two years that he has been a switchboard volunteer and was nominated for the award because of his intelligence, dedication, reliability, patience, and outstanding communication skills.

“Wesley’s compassion for our callers is evident in the level of research he will do to provide the best possible information and referrals,” said MCC’s community projects specialist, Sally Huffer, who also manages the switchboard and its volunteers. “He takes the initiative to find out what’s happening in the GLBT communities so that when callers have questions, he knows where to find answers.”

The award is named after Tom Strain, who saved countless lives as a volunteer for Gay & Lesbian Switchboard Houston prior to its joining MCC. Details: montrosecounseling


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