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Show Spotlighting The Normal Anomaly Initiative Wins GLAAD Media Award

The Jennifer Hudson Show recognized for Outstanding Variety or Talk Show Episode.

(L-R) Ian Haddock, Dafina Ward, and Jennifer Hudson onstage during the 35th Annual GLAAD Media Awards. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for GLAAD)

The Normal Anomaly, Inc. has proudly announced the recent honor of winning the Outstanding Variety or Talk Show Episode award at the 35th Annual GLAAD Media Awards. The winning episode, titled “Jennifer Hudson Surprises HIV Activist with $10,000,” aired on The Jennifer Hudson Show, delivering a powerful moment of advocacy and support for the Black queer community.

Airing on December 1st, World AIDS Day, the episode featured Grammy and Academy Award-winning artist Jennifer Hudson surprising Ian Haddock, founder and executive director of The Normal Anomaly Initiative, with a generous $10,000 donation from the Gilead Compass Initiative.

In addition to his work with The Normal Anomaly Initiative, Haddock is also a regular contributor to OutSmart magazine.

Jennifer Hudson, recognized for her consistent dedication to spreading kindness and creating positive change for Black and queer communities, emphasized the importance of LGBTQ visibility and allyship during the show. Introduced by Laverne Cox, Hudson delivered a heartfelt message, stating, “Do y’all [the LGBTQ community] know how beautiful you are? Do you know your stories deserve to be told? You guys make me feel safe. Loved my whole life. Welcome. And so therefore, it is my mission to do the same.”


The GLAAD Media Awards, given for honoring fair, accurate, and inclusive representation of the LGBTQ community in media, recognized the impactful work showcased on The Jennifer Hudson Show. The Normal Anomaly Initiative expressed deep gratitude for receiving the award, particularly emphasizing its significance during a time when amplifying queer voices is paramount.

The winning episode not only spotlighted The Normal Anomaly Initiative’s vital work but also shed light on the disproportionate impact of HIV/AIDS on Black Americans. By sharing Ian Haddock’s story and advocating for HIV treatment and care, The Jennifer Hudson Show demonstrated the power of media in normalizing conversations around sexual health and combating stigma.

In addition to this recognition, Normal Anomaly teased its forthcoming initiatives aimed at further representing and uplifting the LGBTQ community in media. The BQAF Media Tour, empowering Black, queer voices throughout the South and beyond, will be launched alongside a podcast dedicated to amplifying Black, queer stories of resilience and freedom from stigma.

These endeavors underscore The Normal Anomaly Initiative’s ongoing commitment to promoting social justice and creating a world where every voice is heard.

For more information and updates, visit Normal Anomaly Initiative’s website.

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