From Our Readers: April 2007

Remembering Marion. And the Pride Houston survey about moving Pride.


I just wanted to say what a great article that was on Marion Panzer [“What a World,” March 2007] and that I really enjoyed it. I worked for Marion at the Fairview location in 1981. Those who knew her knew she was a strong woman with a soft heart. She was the only show in town during the early days and the news of her untimely death was certainly a shock to the community.

Thanks for keeping her memory alive.

Becky Holmes



While the coverage in OutSmart would lead one to believe that the community is united in its opposition to the moves proposed by Pride Houston [“Whither, Pride?” January 2007], the results of our on-line survey indicate a far different picture. With 838 surveys completed as of March 1, 54 percent of the respondents either agree or strongly agree with the statement: “I would support a Pride Houston Parade and Festival held at a downtown park location.” 38 percent either disagreed or strongly disagreed. In addition, 54 percent also either agree or strongly agree with this statement: “I would be more likely to attend Pride Festivities if they were held at a cooler time of year.” 32 percent either disagree or strongly disagree with that statement. While the organized and vocal minority position gets the lion’s share of press coverage on this issue, our survey clearly demonstrates that the majority of the community supports change and growth for Houston’s Pride festivities.

Pride Houston welcomes the ongoing community debate on this topic. You can add your vote to the survey by visiting www.pridehouston.org. We’d also like to remind everyone that our 2007 festivities will be held on Westheimer. The changes we are contemplating would not take effect until 2008 or beyond.

Carol Wyatt

Editor’s note: Wyatt is president of the Pride Houston board of directors. In our February 2007 issue, we reported in News Briefs (“Pride Houston postpones 2008 decision”) that one person not affiliated with Pride Houston who attended the January 13 town hall meeting spoke in support of proposed changes to the GLBT Pride Parade and Festival. OutSmart stands by its coverage.


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