From Out Readers: March 2004


I recently read your article about Paul Broussard [“Autopsy of Hate, July 2001], and it touches me that his story is still as powerful today as the day it happened. I went to school with all 10 of the guys [the Woodlands high school students involved with the 1991 murder of Broussard] (except Chance Dillon, who was older than us), and I remember the following Monday after it happened. Ralph [Raphael Gonzalez], one of the guys charged in the case, was in my theater arts class and was talking about what had happened like it was no big deal. The whole thing was shocking to everyone because nobody knew Paul had been killed until the news reported it.

Years later I ended up living on Hyde Park [in Montrose] to take care of my ex-brother-in-law who died of AIDS, and I saw how it affected the whole community there, even five years after. I just wanted you to know there are still people who care, and the more the story is told, the more people learn that there is still hate, that hate is not tolerated, and as long as the story of Paul is told, people will not forget.

Tonya Lohr, The Woodlands

Editor’s Note: Lohr, who had read John Aston’s article on our website, wrote this letter on February 6, when authorities continued to search for Paul Chance Dillon, one of the 10 assailants convicted in connection with the Broussard murder in Montrose. On February 7, authorities arrested Dillon at a Telephone Road motel. Dillon, now 34, had violated the terms of his parole after failing to report to his parole officer on November 25. Before his mandatory parole in 2000, Dillon had served six years of a 20-year sentence for attempted murder. At press time, he remained held without bond in Harris County jail, awaiting a hearing to determine whether his parole will be revoked and he will be sent back to prison.

Raphael Gonzalez was one of the five Broussard assailants sentenced to 10 years’ probation and 3 months in county boot camp.


As a self-proclaimed urban hipster, I do not read fag rags, but when I heard about a writer [“GrooveOut” contributor Gregg Shapiro] who was covering bands like the Unicorns and Frustrated Housewives, I had to check it out. You have converted me into an avid reader of OutSmart, and I wanted to thank you for shining the light on some excellent gay artists. I will check the archives, but I am interested in supporting local gay bands that are of the rock/pop genre.

Also, I am an avid listener of the Unicorns, but had been unable to confirm Alden’s sexuality. Thanks for ending my quest [“Groove Out,” January 2004]. Thanks again for exposing the Houston boys to something besides faggoty synth pop.

Lukas Gray, Houston


Thank you for including Rice Gallery in your Calendar section for

January 2004. This is the first time we have seen our events posted and we wanted you to know we really appreciate it and we are on board!

Susan Van Scoy, Houston


OutSmart astrologer Lilly Roddy has acquired a new URL for her website: www.lillyroddy.com.


After the publication of our February issue, Society for the Performing Arts announced a new cast for the February 27 and 28 engagements of Three Mo’ Tenors, covered in our “Calendar” section. The new singers were Ramone Diggs, Kenneth Gayle, and Marvin Scott.


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