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The Best Little Beach House in Texas

Galveston’s Hotel Lucine is a beachfront oasis that welcomes all with its chic casual vibe.

Hotel Lucine pool (Photography by Johanna Andruchovici)

A beachfront home away from home awaits travelers and locals alike on Galveston Island. Hotel Lucine is the chic new boutique hotel that features top-notch accommodations, incredibly appetizing food, choice bar offerings, picture-perfect rooftop sunset views, and more. Designed with an emphasis on unique design elements and cozy communal spaces, Lucine is a fully inclusive hotel, bringing a touch of class to your Galveston getaway.

Hotel Lucine co-owners Dave Jacoby, Keath Jacoby, and Robert Marcus (Photography by Alex Rosa)

OutSmart got an inside look at the hotel from owners Dave Jacoby, a Galveston-based finance and hospitality development professional who has also served as president of the board of the Galveston Historical Foundation; Keath Jacoby, a Galveston native and marketing and branding executive who helped launch Vision Galveston; and Robert Marcus, a real-estate and hotel operations, development, and finance professional.

Perched along Seawall Blvd. just 30 yards from the beach, Lucine offers a picturesque, upscale 61-room oasis. “If you look at the existing hotels in Galveston, there’s a lot of corporate chain hotels, and then you have a handful of historic hotels. There wasn’t really anything that seemed a little more modern and progressive,” says Dave Jacoby. “This building is from the 1960s, so I wouldn’t call it ‘shiny and new’ by any means. We love the location, the bones of this property, and the history of the space.”

Guests of the hotel are transported into a warm, homey space upon entry. “We wanted this place to feel like a version of someone’s beach house that shows itself in a lot of different ways, including the nomenclature of the spaces,” he explains. The layout features The Den, which is perfect for enjoying bites, beverages, and laid-back conversation, while The Fancy, an “American fine-ish dining establishment,” serves as the formal living and dining space. Rounding out the hotel is a full-service rooftop bar with live entertainment and events, the pool (which can be heated in the cooler months) and patio, and a rentable space for business meetings, private dining, and more.

A sampling of menu items at The Fancy (Photography by Dima Velyush)

“We’re not a franchise hotel or a huge resort. We’re able to offer an intimate space that other places can’t,” says Marcus. “We’re also offering experiences that other hotels are not. We’ve got our Sunset & Sounds on the rooftop that features live artists, for example. There’s a lot of culture that we’re bringing to Lucine, an we’re trying to also integrate that into the fabric of Galveston.”

Previous OutSmart cover star Chef Daya Myers-Hurt is a key figure at the hotel who continues to make waves in the Galveston culinary scene. She serves as sous chef at The Fancy, delighting hotel guests with delicious light bites (don’t skip the crab toast), hardy entrees, and scrumptious desserts.

We are family:

The dedicated team at Hotel Lucine is essential to its smooth operation and upholding its values. The LGBTQ-identifying staff members bring a unique flair, contributing to the hotel’s vibrant atmosphere. Their presence reflects the inclusive vision that the co-owners aspired to create, making Hotel Lucine a welcoming haven for all.

The chef is emblematic of the inclusive and diverse environment found at the hotel. Opening their doors to people from all walks of life was a no-brainer for Hotel Lucine’s owners. “Galveston has always been a little more progressive than much of Texas. It has always had a flourishing LGBTQ community,” Dave Jacoby notes. “We’ve got the oldest gay bar in Texas, Robert’s Lafitte, and we want to make sure that the hotel is seen as a place that is for everyone. It was intended to be for the whole community.”

Keath Jacoby, whose passion for the design and community aspect of the hotel is palpable, shares her allyship proudly, saying, “Galveston has always been a safe haven for folks from various walks of life, and we didn’t want Lucine to feel any different. We wanted to honor that inclusivity and create a space where all are welcome, no matter who you are, who you love, or what you’re wearing—as long as you’re wearing something!” 

Their love for their community goes hand in hand with the partners’ love of their town. “Galveston gets overlooked a lot,” says Marcus, “but there’s a huge historic district, we have great museums, and there is an incredible art scene, music, beaches, fishing, and more.”

The Hotel Lucine awaits, beckoning guests from near and far to come for a meal or an overnight stay, meet someone at the bar and strike up a conversation, and enjoy a unique Galveston experience.

“There’s a lot that happens in Galveston in arts and culture and music. If you’re from Houston, you might think, ‘Galveston isn’t my favorite beach and it’s far away,” Dave Jacoby says, “but almost all of the people that come to our hotel don’t even go to the beach. They stay at the hotel, hang out at the pool, and stick around for dinner, drinks, and music. If you want more of a cultural experience, Hotel Lucine has that in a way that other hotels don’t.”


Favorite brunch spot? Besides Hotel Lucine, Leeland House

Best-kept secret in town? Sandy’s Country Store. Total dive,
but I love it.

Your go-to spot for self care? Therapeutic Health Works or Billy Davis

Favorite place to go dancing?  Mardi Gras (2nd weekends), the 25th Street Median Party, and 23rd Street Station

Best place to satisfy a sweet tooth? La Kings. Their malt balls are to die for.

Favorite place to work out? Urban Fitness

Favorite local business to support? Corduroy Coffee

For more info, visit hotellucine.com

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