From Our Readers: December 2009

Switching from Gene Locke to Annise Parker

I’m attaching a postcard I received in the mail yesterday [displaying an image of Annise Parker being sworn in as Houston City Controller with her partner, Kathy Hubbard looking on. The postcard bore the headline: “Is this the image Houston wants to portray?”]. I’m a homebuilder and my organization has endorsed Gene Locke, so I felt that I needed a mayor who would support development since times are a bit rough and the current political regime is trying to make it harder for developers to succeed. I even have a very large sign in my yard endorsing Gene Locke. I realize this postcard was not approved by Gene Locke and his campaign, but it made me realize how gays and lesbians are and have been discriminated against. It’s time to stop this discrimination and the political agenda by the far-right adversaries that use the Bible and god to scare people into voting against us.
Well, after I received this postcard, I’ve decided to vote for Annise Parker, and that large sign of Gene Locke is coming down as soon as it stops raining.

Russel Garrison
Houston, Texas


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