From Our Readers: April 2008


Great article on Bill T. Jones [“Just Our Bill,” March]! As a choreographer, dancer, teacher, and advocate in the Houston dance community, I see, read about, and participate in a lot of dance. It’s refreshing to read such intimate background material not only on the company, but also on the work we are about to see. I am sure it will heighten my experience at the show. I’m linking this article to my newsletter that reaches over 500 Houston dance community members.

Toni Valle
Project Director
Dance Source Houston


I can only be hopeful that Wayne Besen has taken time to wipe the foam from his mouth after reading his recent hate-filled diatribe about Republicans [“Making Change,” LeftOut, March]. While he has not come to terms with Bill Clinton’s impeachment, perhaps it bears repeating that Clinton lied under oath in a court of law in a sexual harassment case that involved a subordinate, Monica Lewinski. A Federal judge found him guilty and took away his law license. Again, he lied under oath, Wayne. And you cannot revise this history.

Your love affair with the Clintons is embarrassing. Their failures began when Clinton went back on his middle-class tax cut campaign promise, claiming he “had never worked so hard in his life” to try to make it happen. While our govenment is up to its armpits in entitlement spending, Clinton promised National Health Care and failed miserably—even when Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress. Republicans opposed it, but Clinton did not even win Democrat votes for it. It did not seem to bother you that the White House travel office firings allowed Clinton to replace the office with their own cronies; or that he used the Lincoln bedroom for those who donated money to his campaigns. Wayne, the Clintons earned Republican bullying!

Your desire to vote strictly Democrat for president demonstrates your inherent self-interest about the role of a president. A president is not supposed to “give” things to the citizenry. A president ought to challenge and inspire Americans. Obama has made more promises of more federal programs than FDR. More entitlements and yet with baby boomers set to retire, have you any idea what the costs are to fund expanded entitlements? We’re now paying almost 40 percent of the federal budget to Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare. But I suppose it’s easy to say yes if the money is not coming from your wallet. Perhaps you should share with your readers that the top 5 percent income earners already pay about 67 percent of all income taxes to the federal government. Is that enough, Wayne?

May I suggest, Wayne, the next time you have a doctor’s appointment, go knock on all of your neighbors’ doors and ask for $10 each from all of them. Tell them they have to pay for your visit. Hey, it’s what you want Obama to do for you. Why not just do it yourself right now?

Confidently and with no element of hatred,

Mike Crowe

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