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Dave Welch Has The Drag Queen Storytime Sadz

Anti-LGBTQ pastors meet with mayor, get nowhere.

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The executive director of the Houston Area Pastor Council threw another hissy fit Friday, Sept. 7 over Drag Queen Storytime.

Apparently, Dave Welch and his co-horts met recently with Mayor Sylvester Turner to discuss the Houston Public Library program, but it didn’t go well for the pastors—at all.

“The bottom line is that the Mayor is deeply vested in the ‘LGBTQIAP+ community’ which has as a central mission to destroy any God-designed distinctions between male and female as well as any sexual morality, so has no objections to introducing bearded men dressed up as gaudy women and leading two to ten year old children to ‘shake your butts,'” Welch wrote in an email to supporters. “Our meeting confirmed one clear fact: The Houston Public Libraries will be open to Drag Queens and more of LGBTQIAP+ sexual diversity to indoctrinate children with ignorant and lost parents using our tax dollars, with the blessing of our city government, as long as Sylvester Turner is Mayor of Houston. We must remember that in 2019 when he is up for re-election.”

Read Welch’s full rant here.



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John Wright

John Wright is the editor of OutSmart magazine. He has spent two decades in the mainstream and LGBTQ media. Most recently, he served as senior editor of Dallas Voice, and covered LGBTQ issues in the state Legislature for The Texas Observer. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Wright earned his bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Florida. He resides in the EaDo area of Houston, where he is currently remodeling a 1930s row house.
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