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Expanded Blood Screening to be Offered at Lesbian Health Fair

Lesbian Health Initiative Houston has announced its spring health fair is offering a more extensive panel of blood screenings for LGBT women who attend the group’s annual spring health fair.

The blood screenings include the Hemoglobin A1c Test for Diabetes; Thyroid Stimulating Hormone; a Complete Blood Count, which helps in diagnosing conditions and disease such as malignancy, anemia, or blood clotting problems; Chemistry Panel (13) to check liver enzymes, pancreatic, kidney and bile functions, and overall hydration; a Lipid Panel, which determines risk of coronary heart disease or stroke; and Sexually Transmitted Disease tests, including HIV.

“This is the first time we have offered such extensive blood tests,” says Ann Pinchak, LHI Houston president. “If women got the blood tests that Legacy is offering on the open market, they would be around $1000. Legacy is having LHI pay them only $25 per woman. This represents a big benefit for LGBT women and is a very generous contribution to the community by Legacy.”

Information about taxes, living wills and related legal matters, as well as general wellness education, will be available at the fair. Free mammograms and Pap smears will be available by appointment. The health fair is scheduled for June 5 at Legacy Community Health Services. To schedule appointments, call 713/426-3356 or log on to lhihouston.org.


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