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Equality Texas refrains from endorsing National Equality March

Equality Texas, the Lone Star faction of the LGBT advocacy group Equality Federation, has chosen to not endorse the Equality March. “We feel like we need to energize people to work on things that will accomplish some things, specifically,” said Paul Scott, Equality Texas’ executive director.

“One, we have Annise Parker running for mayor [in Houston],” Scott said. “ We need to make sure if people are going to be spending their resources and working, we would like for them to actually travel to Houston to work on her campaign and get the first and only lesbian mayor elected to one of the top five cities in the United States.”

During the week of the Equality March, Scott said, Equality Texas is poised to connect Texans with their elected officials to educate them regarding LGBT issues, addressing safe schools as well as a state nondiscrimination law that protects LGBTs in the workplace, public accommodations, and housing.

“Great things are happening across the country that have immediate results,” Scott reiterated. “At the same time we acknowledge the need to galvanize people to create this energy and to respect the fact that people are angry and want to do something. And I think the march is representative of that desire, but at the same time we want to make people understand that if they do go, come back into their communities and find opportunities to make a difference.” —Nancy Ford


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