From Our Readers: January 2005

Just a quick follow-up on Thomas Blanton’s article on radical faeries in Houston [“Faeries Fly,” November]:

Jeremy [Corry] was my partner. If Thomas (or anyone else) wants to read more about Jeremy and his life, start with the following page: www.domani.net/richard/memorial.html.

We were only in Houston for two years, so the faerie circle Jeremy started was pretty young. One thing to know about faeries is that for the most part they’re pretty impervious to organization!

The memorial service we had for Jeremy in Houston was just one of three, each in a different state, each in a different time zone. The others were in Ogden, Utah, where Jeremy was born and where much of his extended family still lives, at the LDS [Latter-day Saints] church he attended as a child, and at Emory University’s Cannon Chapel. (Jeremy and I both graduated from Emory. I always joked that we were a “PolyEmorous” couple given that we had three Emory degrees between the two of us!)

The Houston service was held at Rebekah Lodge, the combination art gallery, performance studio, office, worskhop, play space owned by composer/pianist Robert Avalon and his partner, Wayne. I was very saddened to learn of Robert’s sudden (and, at age 48, very premature) demise last April.

Please share this information with Thomas and any of your other readers who might be interested.
-Richard Jasper
Ann Arbor, Michigan

EDITOR’S NOTE: For information on Radical Faerie groups in the U.S. and abroad, check out the Radical Faerie Web Circle, www.radfae.org, and the Faerie Folk Finder maintained by RFD magazine, www.rfdmag.org.

In the “Bar & Club Guide” in the November and December issues, we incorrectly stated that Club Big Yo had closed. At the time we were updating the club section for the November issue, we attempted on several occasions over more than a week to call the nightclub but found that the phone number was not in service. Additionally, the web address the magazine had printed for years was no longer viable. We erroneously assumed that the business had closed. However, Club Big Yo remains in business. See the new listing in this month’s “Bar & Club Guide.”

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