​​Nothing to Hyde

Tanya Hyde turns dull into delicious with her humor.

Tanya Hyde (Photos by Alex Rosa)

Tanya Hyde is an open book. She lets it all hang out with no pretense. She’s the personification of “zero Fs to give.” All she needs is an outfit, a touch of makeup and she lets her dry wit take over from there. She is proof that there is nothing to Hyde when you’re having fun. Find out more about what makes this bar fly tick.

Any/All. I’m something for everyone.

Inner Avatar?
A 70s crime fighter…ranging from Charlie’s Angels to Electra Woman.

Born and reared in San Antonio, but I’ve lived anywhere from Hawaii to South Carolina.

Drag birthday?
November 2. I tell everyone I was born after a great Halloween party.

What interested you in drag?
It was almost a dare. Someone said, “Oh, I can just see you doing drag.”

Describe Tanya Hyde’s persona.
A 70s TV variety show.

Any titles or pageants?
No, but I do have a Tony’s Corner Pocket Heroes plaque on my wall I’m very proud of.

What’s on your bucket list?
I’ve done everything I want to do. Now, I’m just open to whatever the Lord has in store.

Most memorable moment as a performer?
An audience member was in seminary school and had asked for “a sign.” I had just performed “Ageless (Medley)” by Amy Grant, and that person thanked me.

Most embarrassing moment on stage?
When you perform comedy, there are very few embarrassing moments.

Ultimate goal as a performer?
To keep being entertaining.

Thoughts about legislation regarding drag performances?
We’ve won this round, but the fight isn’t over. We must keep informed and defend our rights at every turn.

Favorite hangout spots?
Barcode is really the only place I go.

Let us know about your drag family.
I have two illegitimate kids: Duckie DuJour and Ivanna Cupcake Hyde.

Guilty pleasure?
Hustlers, if we’re being honest. Pizza is a close second.

Tell us about your aesthetic.
Hmm, you tell me, then we’ll both know.

What’s your must-have clothing accessory/prop?
I love my camel toe panties. They complete every outfit.

#TeamBritney or #TeamXTina?
#TeamSusanAnton wasn’t a choice?

What would people be surprised to know about you?
I wasn’t a fan of drag.

What was your dream job as a child?
Not to work . . . but if I did have to, it would be for the Townsend Agency.

Favorite bad word?
Lana Blake. Lol, I don’t really have a favorite.

Marry, Shag, Kill: Tony Romo, Tony Danza, Tony the Tiger?
Shag. Always shag. The other two options are so permanent.

Life mantra?
Let go and let God.

How would you describe Greater Houston’s drag scene for a visitor?
Houston truly has something for everyone. Personally, I host an alternative night, a vintage night, a comedy night along with karaoke and an open mic.

What do you want the world to know about the LGBTQ community?
We are not the enemy.

Have you ever had a defining moment in your life?
I was bullied in the first grade. I knew I had to knock that kid out to stop it there.

What are your passions in life?
Cooking. I’m a bit of a ghetto gourmet. Also singing. I’m horrible but I like it.

Who are your favorite artists to perform?
Lynda Carter, Cheryl Ladd, George Michael, Boy George, and Devin.

Any advice for up-and-coming performers?
Do you. Have fun. Once it becomes work, it’s no longer fun.

Which candy/dessert would best describe you and why?
Toss-up between “Sock it to me” cake, tart, turnover and an upside down pound cake. Why? They’re my positions in bed.

Do you have any pets?
Yes, men.

If you could pick one celebrity (living or dead) to perform with you, who would it be and why?
Diane Jackson. She gave me a chance, and I’d like to thank her.

Where can fans see you perform?
I’m a Barcode exclusive. I’m there Monday through Wednesday nights.

Follow Tanya on instagram @tanyahyde39.

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