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Dogtopia of Houston is Growing

Central Houston locations are a dog’s home away from home.

Dogtopia, the leading and largest dog daycare provider in North America, currently has more than 210 open locations. Being early pioneers in the dog daycare industry, Dogtopia has had the time to refine and perfect their daycare and wellness model and helps our furry friends live long, healthy, and happy lives with services that address canine wellness in a holistic manner.

For Houston-based franchisee Amber Woods, Dogtopia was a way to get involved in her community while also giving back, and since 2021 she has created big plans for the dog daycare brand in the central Houston area. In 2021, Woods took over her first Dogtopia daycare in Houston located on Waugh Drive. After realizing how many local dog owners loved and supported Dogtopia, she decided she needed to open a second location to allow all dogs in the area to attend.

Once she learned that The Chocolate Bar was moving on, Woods jumped at the opportunity immediately. Not only had The Chocolate Bar been one of her favorite date night spots with her now husband, but the dessert destination was also across the street from her first home. Woods had a strong feeling this would be a great area for a Dogtopia daycare as the area is incredibly dog-friendly.

With Houston’s diverse and forever-expanding population being so focused on inclusion and dog-friendly outings, she knew she needed to move forward with this prime location. As Woods said, “for me, it just felt like coming home,” and with that, she took over the entire four-unit complex for her next Dogtopia. Now the facility is home to four large playrooms, which allow pups to be separated by both size and play style, two outdoor play spaces, and a dog spa.

Dogtopia’s nonprofit arm, the Dogtopia Foundation, also helped to seal the deal for Woods as she began her Dogtopia journey. It is a great way to give back to the community while enabling dogs to positively change our world in an environment safe and inclusive for all. Woods said, “I truly believe that dogs were put on this planet to help humans and I love that the Foundation intentionally helps dogs positively change the world.”

The Dogtopia Foundation places strong emphasis on providing jobs for adults on the spectrum, sponsoring service dogs for veterans, and supporting youth literacy programs. By becoming involved with the Dogtopia Foundation, pet parents, their pups, and Dogtopians are all part of creating an inclusive environment. When driving by Woods’s newest location on W. Alabama Street, one will notice a mural painted by local artist Jesse DeLeon. The mural was a fundraiser for the Dogtopia Foundation and features pups who regularly attend Dogtopia. Thanks to the generosity of pet parents, Woods was able to raise enough funds through the mural project to sponsor a service dog for a returned veteran.

At Dogtopia, pet parents can enjoy peace of mind knowing their dog is in an environment designed just for them, and getting the socialization and exercise they crave. “So many people shy away from adopting a dog because they work all day, but everyone should be able to have a dog. Every child deserves to grow up with a dog in their home,” said Woods. Plus, with temperature-controlled playrooms, play is possible year-round regardless of the weather outside.

“Daycare is good and healthy for dogs. You aren’t spoiling your dog by taking them to daycare – you’re giving them what they need,” said Woods. “Dogtopia daycare is a dog’s home away from home.”

Woods currently has one Dogtopia daycare open and operating in Houston while her original location is undergoing renovations. In 2023, she plans to reopen the refreshed location in addition to another brand-new daycare located on Washington Avenue near Sawyer. Woods has plans to open a total of five Dogtopia locations in the central Houston area.

To learn more about Dogtopia of Houston – W. Alabama Street, visit their website by clicking here or follow them on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on all upcoming events!

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