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Gay Store Finds Surprising Pandemic Demand for Sexy Trends

Here’s what Differio revealed as their top pandemic buys amongst gay menswear items.

By now, it’s probably safe to say that no one could’ve predicted a toilet paper shortage this year, let alone a worldwide pandemic. Suddenly our online shopping priorities shifted from buying birthday gifts to stockpiling hand sanitizer. As fashion retailers continue fulfilling demands for reusable face masks, several online men’s clothing shops have also reported increased sales for surprising items that aren’t quite as “essential” as PPE.

According to online gay apparel store Differio, sexy gay fashion items, like gay underwear, are being restocked more frequently now than during pre-pandemic months. As USA’s largest online gay store, it’s the norm for Differio to ship out gay-favorited menswear items year round, like crop tops, meggings, and makeup for men. However, unforeseen quarantine orders boosted sales on some unexpectedly sexy trends that not everyone could’ve forecasted during a pandemic.

Curious to know what gay male consumers have been adding to their carts? Here’s what Differio revealed as their top pandemic buys amongst gay menswear items.

If you thought men were buying plain underwear multipacks instead of splurging on erotic lingerie, that’s not exactly the case. Sexy underwear sales have been soaring all over the U.S., even doubling in sales for some retailers. As a gay apparel store, male lingerie and gay underwear have always been lucrative items at Differio, but they’ve particularly noticed a higher demand for gay jockstraps during these pandemic-stricken months.

The most-bought jockstrap styles include sheer-mesh, rubbery neoprene, and leather-look fabrics. This uptick in jockstrap sales could be a sign of heightened usage among dating apps and websites, especially since meeting strangers face to face is being discouraged. With reports of adult toy sales up by 30-40%, it’s also presumed that people simply have more free time for sex.

Fortunately, most beaches aren’t closed off to the public anymore, which might be why men are pandemic buying sexy swimwear styles at Differio. Among their gay swimwear collection, men’s swim briefs are a top pandemic purchase ranging in designs from graphic prints to bright solids. Aside from speedo briefs, square-cut swim trunks have also been a popular item, which are very similar in style to gay underwear trunks with an allover tight fit.

Just as people are flocking to the nearest beach, pool sales across the U.S. are experiencing sale surges so much so that some pool companies are (gratefully) struggling to meet demand. Moreover, some men might feel more inclined to buy revealing speedo briefs instead of basic swim trunks because they’re in the comfort of their own backyard instead of a public pool.

Slim-Fit Male Rompers
If you’re one of many Americans currently working from home, it’s probably been a while since you’ve squeezed into your skinny jeans. Bars and clubs are still slow to reopen, so naturally, gay clothing aficionados are gravitating towards the next best thing to satiate their fix: trendy loungewear. With casual clothing sales up, Differio is finding its customers ordering fashion-forward gay apparel that’s both comfortable and going-out ready, especially sexy male rompers in slim-fit styles.

Trendy men’s rompers could be high in demand right now because it’s an effortless streetwear item providing that happy medium of feeling comfortable at home while still looking presentable on Zoom or FaceTime. Apart from men’s rompers, stylish one-pieces, in general, have been a top pandemic buy for their comfortable fit, including hooded bodysuits, animal onesies, and sport jumpsuits.

Ball-Hygiene Products
Men are boosting their grooming regimens now more than ever, but this time they’re getting a little ballsier. Differio has seen a spike for most men’s grooming products, but especially a heightened interest for men’s intimate hygiene. Top restocked items include intimate ball wash, ball deodorant spray, ball deodorant cream, and solid ball cologne.

It’s speculated that men could simply have more time at home to learn about new grooming products that might’ve otherwise seemed superfluous or intimidating. Likewise, media source Glossy has also reported increased sales across men’s beard care, skincare, haircare, and body care products by a multitude of U.S. brands; a sales boom that could mean there’s more male awareness to be “hygiene conscious” due to the virus.

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