A Jewel to Behold

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Meet Athena S. Sapphire, a goddess tucked into a showgirl’s body. The diva can dance, captivate, and serve a stunning mug, all with the class of a true Southern belle. She travels across southeast Texas to dazzle crowds each week, bringing her unique flair and effortless beauty
to the fans. Read on to see what makes this queen a rare gem.

He and him when not in face. She, her, queen, goddess, madam, or whatever else whilst in face.

Spirit animal?

Memphis, Tennessee 

Drag birth date?
July 17, 2014 (almost six years!)

Any Valentine’s Day plans?
If I am not performing somewhere, hopefully I will be having a candlelit dinner somewhere cozy and sweet with my partner, David.

Any thoughts to share for Black History Month?
I don’t believe the page is large enough for all my thoughts. I will say that not only is it the shortest month of the year, but it’s also a month where you can learn about so many amazing inventors, actors, and writers. You may even learn something about yourself. I just wish it wasn’t only once a year that black people are praised in such a light.

Describe your drag persona.
Energetic, rambunctious, lively, and a goddess.

What illusions are you known for?
I have a list of chocolate beauties that come to mind. These include Whitney Houston, Tina Turner (aka Angela Bassett), Donna Summer, Megan Thee Stallion, and Normani. I also have a mean Barack Obama voice.

Team Britney or Team Christina?
Team Selena Quintanilla.

Favorite RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant?
It’s a toss-up, but I would have to say Shea Couleé.

Where can we catch Athena hanging out when she’s not performing?
At a dog park, bowling, or having a cocktail and tipping some other queen.

Favorite charity to support?
The Montrose Center.

What would be your ultimate goal as Athena?
To continue to show people how amazing they are, and to become a national titleholder before I’m 30.

Any professional role model(s)?
Michelle Obama, Dolly Parton, and Beyoncé, because they are all respected and noteworthy figureheads in their own right.

What advice would you give to your younger self?
I’d say, “Everything doesn’t happen for a reason, and that’s ok. Just strive to always be better.” I would also tell my younger self, “Your skin is your most powerful weapon.”

If you could do one thing to change the world, what would it be?
To make it so that slavery was never thought of.  I challenge everyone who reads this to start a conversation with their friends about this, and see how deep it gets.

This article appears in the February 2020 edition of OutSmart magazine.

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