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WATCH: Anti-LGBTQ Activists Protest Drag Queen Storytime Outside Houston Library

'God destroyed Sodom for a reason,' one demonstrator says.

Anti-LGBTQ activists who appeared to be affiliated with two Catholic organizations gathered outside the Freed-Montrose Library in Houston on Saturday, Aug. 25 to protest Drag Queen Storytime.

According to two large banners — which read “Texans Against Transgender Tyranny” and “God Created Them Male and Female. (Gen.5:2) Stop the ravages of transgender ideology” — the activists were affiliated with the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property, as well as American Needs Fatima.


The Houston Public Library’s Drag Queen Storytime program, which began in 2017, came under fire recently when two other anti-LGBTQ groups, along with City Councilman Michael Kubosh, called for the program to be banned.

Gay Houston resident Mark McCray captured video (above) of the anti-LGBTQ protesters and tried to ask them questions.


“How does this library pervert children?” McCray asks one woman in the video who’s holding a sign saying, “This library perverts children.”

“Men are men, and women are women,” the woman responds, apparently confusing drag queens with transgender people.

“They’re having a children’s story hour, where they’re bringing the story of the homosexual agenda to innocent little children who don’t even think about sexuality,” another woman says in response to the same question.

“What story book are they reading from?” McCray asks.

“It’s a book about being a drag queen. Are you part of their agenda, too?” the woman responds. (Needless to say, Drag Queen Storytime performers don’t typically read stories about drag queens; they just read children’s books.)

Another protester can’t seem to answer when McCray asks why he’s there. “I don’t know. God bless you. … I don’t know; I’m just praying.”

“God destroyed Sodom for a reason,” another man says. “Homosexuality is a perversion against nature and a sin against God, and those who promote it are seducing the innocent.”

One protester ironically claims that the concept of gender fluidity is “anti-science.”

“The public library is indoctrinating children with anti-science beliefs — that men and women aren’t men and women; you can be transgender,” the man says.


Inside the library, one of the Drag Queen Storytime performers, Persephone, tells McCray she was glad to see so many parents bring their children to the event to teach them about acceptance and diversity.

“You can be whoever you are, and the sky is truly your limit,” Persephone says. “In such a negative world, it’s really important to teach kids that.”

Asked about the protest, Persephone says: “They were raised that way, and they’re trying to teach it upon others.

“And it’s people like us, people like these parents,” she adds, “who are going to break that, and are going to keep pushing through that negativity and hate.”

“I don’t hate them,” Persephone says of the protesters. “They’re the reasons why I push myself every day to keep going. When I leave this world, I want to know that I left something positive.”

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