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What does 2019 have in store for you?

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Lilly Roddy (Alex Rosa)

We continue in an active pattern that keeps our country and economy in a constant state of change. We should experience some rooting out of the sources of our difficulties and the complications that surround them. 

In accordance with Mercury’s usual annual pattern, we will have three Mercury retrogrades this year. Mercury retrograde is good for taking care of past issues, reconnecting with old friends, and enjoyment in recalling fond memories. It is never a good idea to start a new project, purchase a car, or buy electronics under Mercury retrograde. This year, the dates for Mercury retrogrades are February 26–April 7, July 1–August 7, and October 25–November 27. Make these dates work for you, instead of pushing against the flow.

The eclipses this year will have the strongest impact on Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, and Libra. Eclipse dates in 2019 are January 5 and January 20, July 2 and July 16, and December 25. The first eclipse in 2020 occurs on January 10. Eclipses are times in which doors open and new opportunities present themselves. 

And finally, we have a huge planetary lineup that will really show itself after September. We will begin to feel this Saturn/Pluto lineup as early as the end of March. The pace will really pick up at the end of September. Saturn/Pluto will impact our economy, the stock market, and how the nation conducts itself with other countries. This should be a huge cleansing of toxins from our systems—personally, nationally, and worldwide. Get yourself clear of debt, reduce your stress, and find simpler ways to satisfy your needs!

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ARIES (March 21–April 19)

Winter. This is a challenging time, especially for career and long-term security. You may need to keep your résumé updated so you can adapt to an ever-changing work environment. Depending on your age, for some this can be a time of retirement, while others will feel the urge to start their own businesses. The pressure will build through April for you to take some action on your own behalf.

Spring. This is a decision-making time for you. You are trying to develop a game plan so you don’t feel so stuck. You are reassessing your business and personal boundaries. There are new income sources opening up for you, but you will have to let go of what used to provide you with a sense of security. Your romantic relationship is needing some new long-term goals, so you can act more like a team. If you aren’t able to adapt, you may have some hard choices to make.

Summer. Home and family get your attention this summer. The eclipses in July could be opening new doors for you to relocate or to make your nest more comfortable. Older relatives may have health crises during this time. Give them some extra time and attention. Career activity is also very stimulated during this time. There could be opportunities popping up! Mercury retrograde in July will definitely have you rethinking your long-term plans. You will feel the pressure to make decisions in August and September. 

Fall. Forward movement is the theme for this fall. Career activities top the list. Be sure to seek the advice and support of friends and family during this time. Your partner’s support can provide some sense of perspective about your life priorities. Money will feel tight, and you will need to pay close attention to spending and debt. You may need to pull back and conserve your resources, but don’t give up on your plan. You will get there!

TAURUS (April 20–May 20)

Winter. There are big changes for the cows and bulls this year! Uranus, planet of reinvention, living in the present, and the freedom of self-expression, enters your sign in January for a seven-year visit. You will want to step beyond your previous limitations and fears. This will be super strong in the spring, and will continue through to the end of summer. You will be looking for new interests, new career directions, and a zest for living!

Spring. You are in an action period, and you can develop good strategies to make your life more interesting. Friends, business associates, and even community organizations can be especially helpful. Personal relationships will need more of your time. A short vacation can do wonders for your relationship! This is also a very good time for any type of additional training that will add weight to your résumé.  This will help in the fall when you are focusing  more on your career.

Summer. Come summer, you will slow down to review your actions. The economy will have you rethinking the decisions you made during the winter. You may feel that you have too many options, and you may feel stuck. Focus on what’s most important, but don’t give up on your plan. In business and personal relationships, make sure you are being heard. Your patience and tolerance levels will be very low. 

Fall. Relationships are the theme for late 2019. You will find ways to renew connections while letting go of relationships that are restrictive or too demanding. The end of the year is another time of review. This will bring to a head any issues or decisions you will need to make. The next couple of years will open doors that will stimulate your mental side. The pace of change will speed up, but being more flexible may give you more time to make a decision you can live with.

GEMINI (May 21–June 21)

Winter. Although there continues to be a dampening effect in your life, you are slowly beginning to feel more social and adventurous. Relationships of all sorts should be feeling better. It should be easier to negotiate business transactions, generate new friends, and find time to get away from boring routines. Work can still be confusing, but you are looking for distractions. You have to focus on the work you enjoy so you don’t feel dragged down. You will be rethinking your career directions in March! Friends and business groups can be very helpful.

Spring. This spring you will want to find a way to reduce your debts, re-examine your investments, put yourself on a budget, and get to the core of financial problems. The situation may seem overwhelming, but this is because you are taking action! Relationship opportunities are still positive, so if you are single, this is a very good time to meet that special someone! You are looking for greater intimacy in your relationships.

Summer. You are in a more internal place this summer. Improving your financial stability is still high on your list. If you invest, keep your money in safe, long-term funds. You will be pulling back from some of your relationships and social activities. Communicating may be more difficult, especially in July. It can be very easy to overload your agenda this summer. 

Fall. Although you are usually more active and social during the fall, November could be a time of personal retreat. You return your focus to your relationships and expressing your feelings without fear of retribution. There are some changes in your office routines at the very end of the year that will work out in your favor. As the holidays approach, you will want some time to yourself. Only dance with those you want to! You will be more comfortable with your decisions in 2020.

CANCER (June 22–July 22)

Winter. Relationships and career goals are very active this year. You will be letting go of relationships that have outlived their usefulness. With others, you will set new goals and boundaries. You will be doing the same thing with your work. Is this the time for you to start a new career or business? Is this the time to retire? Don’t overthink as you develop a good plan and stick with it. This is also a creative time. You may want to write, teach, or go back to school.

Spring. You are busy with work and household routines, so be aware that overworking can affect your health. With your career, you are still in a reassessment period. Changes in upper management are creating a shaky situation that makes you uncomfortable. Relationships are being improved as you and your partner move in the same direction—or decide to move on! 

Summer. This is an especially active time. Try and get projects started in June so you can review them in July. There are new opportunities opening up in the early part of July, and Mercury retrograde will give you extra time to consider your choices. In the early part of August, you are in a better place to make decisions. Prioritize your work, your relationship, and your time for yourself! New social activity and business associations show up in August.

Fall. You are finally ready to make some clear decisions about your career and your relationships. This is an excellent time to sign contracts (or a marriage license!) as you let go of the past and move on. Economic news may not be very good, so stay clear about your direction even as others may feel nervous about their finances. There is continued growth for you that will help well into 2020.

LEO (July 23–August 22)

Winter. Organizing your life, health, work space, and time is a focus this year. This is a particularly important year for you to improve your health through changes in eating and exercise habits. Changes and improvements in your work environment are likely. You have to deal with the chaos as it occurs. A second strong force affecting you is the need to reinvent yourself at work or to find a new project that sparks your interest; otherwise you will be bored. Some of you will want to start your own business; others consider retirement. The January eclipse will be a big stimulant!

Spring. This is a very high-energy time that helps you think outside the box to solve problems, explore new ways to express yourself, and be more creative! You look for new employment opportunities if your current job isn’t allowing you to grow. In March you are not very patient. Time to step back and gain some perspective about what you are trying to accomplish. Keep a close eye on your finances, especially debt. Make safe investments and avoid risk. Your relationships need renewal, as well as your career. Make sure you and your partner are on the same page; otherwise it may be time to let go and move on.

Summer. You are in an introspective mood. Personal freedom and expression are important to you. Your views may conflict with your company’s policies or with co-workers. Make sure you are in a supportive environment, as restriction affects your health. You may change your job situation sooner than planned. Let July be the time you step back and reassess. August is a better time for you to act on your plans. Your relationship will need attention. Make plans for you and your partner to renew important bonds. Getting away from work can be very good for your soul.

Fall. You work to create a stable path that really interests you. The current economic environment may slow your pace. Nevertheless, you move forward by the end of September. Relationships improve as you and your partner feel more in sync. This is also a good time for business partnerships! Spending time with family is especially important this year, particularly in October. Home and roots take on a deeper meaning.

VIRGO (August 23–September 22)

Winter. The majority of planets are in a very favorable relationship with Virgo, making this an interesting year for you Virgins. Creative efforts should come to fruition. You may teach or go back to school, and/or expand your social media presence. You have an eye on writing and publishing this year that is enhanced with current planetary alignments. Another planetary impulse has put you in touch with your spiritual and psychically sensitive side, making you more careful about who you converse with. You will feel the need to pull away from those who are too needy. It’s not unusual for this aspect to keep you at home or in a peaceful supportive environment. 

Spring. Despite your growing psychic receptivity, you are busy at work, as people are seeking out your services. This is a good time for self-promotion, expanding your education, and considering jobs more supportive of your work. Travel is an interest and you are ready to take a break from routine. Your relationships need attention in the spring. Your health appreciates you taking time for relaxation. Working with a budget or getting debt resolved will also be one of the demands in spring. 

Summer. Work and home demands are greater throughout the summer. You are more visible than usual and can draw more attention to yourself for self-promotion, entertaining your followers, or taking a leadership position in your company. You will need time to reassess in July. Don’t start new projects until August. Get involved in business groups or community organizations. That can really help with work!  

Fall. Current economic conditions will have your attention as fall begins. You should be able to tap into alternative resources by expanding what you do or looking for more fertile fields. The need to find something that resonates with you continues to be important. This is very strong in November, and you may need some time to yourself. Pace yourself in the latter part of the year. Do what you like, and your energy will be strong. If you let obligations and duties rule, they will take the life out of you. Surround yourself with loving and supportive people, even if that is only you!

LIBRA (September 23–October 23)

Winter.  You are focused on more stability by clearing out the outmoded and decaying aspects of your old life. Decisions that you make this year are significant and will shift your path. You consider moving or remodeling to make your nest more comfortable. Family responsibilities shift as people in your family are aging. This may create power plays and possibly some divisions. Career and family
responsibilities are rethought. January eclipses are triggers for this. You have always been the responsible one in the family, and now you have a choice about that role. 

Spring. Relationships take the spotlight! Even here, you are reevaluating to determine if your partnership has a future. Your boundaries are tested and strengthened. You want more participation from your partner. Business relationships are especially vulnerable. You are more physically sensitive this year, especially in the spring. Don’t overexert yourself, especially at work. You are more sensitive to negative energy and may pick up on things that you normally ignore. Eat good fresh food and avoid contrarians.

Summer. The beginning of summer activates your career and social sectors. There will be demands on your time, some by choice. Boundary issues resurface as you decide your priorities. There is a slowdown in July. Take time to assess where you are and how well your plan is working. You want some vacation time. You may not think you have the time, but your psyche will thank you. You are still in a physically sensitive time, and stress will take its toll. Start your new project in August!

Fall. You work to create a clear agenda. This has been part of this year’s theme. You should see situations around you coming to a head, so you can be comfortable with your decisions. Your energy levels are strong, and you feel more confident in September, October, and November. Old financial issues resurface in November, but you are ready to address them. Resolution of ongoing family issues reaches a conclusion, whether all parties agree or not. You may not feel done until after January 2020, but you are done after that.

SCORPIO (October 24–November 21) 

Winter. Keeping a balance between your work and home life is certainly important this year. Last year was busy, and you are trying to manage your time much better this year. You will want to make sure you have time to just relax and reduce your have-to’s. Your creative side is much more active. You are interested in projects that really capture your imagination! The more mundane aspects of your life could feel very tedious. You will be changing that this year. You are essentially reviewing all your habit patterns, from driving to work to how you arrange your schedule. 

Spring. Another important theme this year is relationships. On a personal level, you are moving away from demanding and restrictive relationships and commitment. You will want more attention and passion from your partner. This is a good time to plan a short vacation, so you get to know your partner better! Relationships that control your freedom will end. Your writing and publishing skills are very active. This is a good time for continuing education, especially in the arts or a creative field.

Summer. You are more socially active this time of the year. Balancing personal responsibilities with vacation and fun time will be very strong throughout the summer. Watch your spending this summer. It will be easy to justify what you want! You take a step back in July and reexamine your career and long-term goals. You need more personal choice and freedom in this area of your life. Your patience could be wearing thin, especially in the latter part of July. You are ready to act on your decisions in August. 

Fall. You are continuing to develop better time-management skills. You are weighing each decision carefully. At the end of October and throughout November, Mercury is retrograde in your sign! This will make your birthday time a very self-reflective one. You are ready to move forward by December. Relationships are improving as you become increasingly clear about your own needs and desires. Economic news may keep your expectations realistic, but you are still looking to make your life more exciting!

SAGITTARIUS (November 22–December 21)

Winter. This is an active and busy year for you, as Jupiter, your ruling planet, is in your sign at the start of 2019 and continues there through November. This helps you feel more positive about your goals and aspirations. It also gives you more energy to achieve objectives. This is a great year to travel, promote your business or services, or to meet someone special! You are being driven by a strong spiritual intention to make yourself  happy! Family activity is very strong in February and March. You may need to visit family to offer your support and healing energy.

Spring. Finances and capitalizing on resources is very important this year. The current economic situation may have you anxious, but you are very good at making the best of your talents and skills. You are still in an upbeat mode and are willing to push yourself forward. Relationships are more positive this year. It may be easier to meet someone, but you are still guarding your personal time. Your home is your retreat from the demands of the outside world, and you may not want anyone cluttering up the place. Long-distance relationships work more easily.

Summer. You change your work patterns and habits. You want your work schedule to reflect your actual busy times and not just wasted time. Relationship activity picks up. If you are involved, this is a great time for re-bonding. If you are single, this is a good time to meet someone new. July is a time to rethink where you are headed. Focus on what you have on your plate and don’t add to it!  There are new opportunities, but wait until August to commit to them.

Fall. Your positive mood remains strong. You are beginning to get even more focused on making money, creating long-term security, and working on your brand. You do not need as much time for yourself, and you are more available for deeper commitments in relationships. You are in a rethink mode in November. You need time to yourself to get centered. You have been pushing yourself this year and will need a break. But no worries; you come roaring back in December!

CAPRICORN (December 22–January 19)

Winter. This is an extremely important year for Capricorns. We are having an unusually strong planetary alignment in your sign. On an international level, this affects world politics and economics. On a personal level, you are manipulated and motivated by forces larger than yourself. For resourceful Capricorns, necessity is the mother of invention. Career, relationships, and family are all affected. You will reevaluate your position and responsibility in all these areas. This theme will be strong through February 2020. This can be a time of starting your own business or considering retirement.

Spring. You will need some down time when spring arrives. There is a lot on your plate, and it can be taxing to keep it together. You could easily overthink, which leads to being stuck. Step back and consider what you can do, and act on that. Keep your goals realistic and reachable. Family matters take the lead in late spring. You may be doing some remodeling or possibly moving. You are still working on making your life more manageable and pleasurable.

Summer. Health and work are very connected this time of the year. You have been pushing, and you may feel depleted. Paying more attention to healthy eating habits can help, but this is a time for retreat. July is another very active and stimulating time, as the eclipses occur in your sign. Eclipses are often markers for shifting times in our lives. It is best to wait until August before you act on some obvious opportunities. Relationships can be stressful if they are too demanding. Reinforce your boundaries.

Fall. The strong pressure that you experienced in January returns. The necessity to clear out the old to make way for the new should be obvious. The time for you to make decisions has come. This will build through January of 2020. This is the process of death and rebirth! Your emotions run the gamut. You are more reflective in November and ready to get back on track in December. There are positive energies coming that will open doors and make you feel more secure about your security, both personal and emotional.

AQUARIUS (January 20–February 18)

Winter. You are entering a time of updating core values, personal goals, and views about commitments. There are fundamental shifts occurring with your family. You are wanting more freedom from the role you took on as a child. This may make you question where you belong and what your role is now. Parents and family are making significant changes in their lives. This gives you the freedom to satisfy a more personal urge, rather than doing what has been expected. Mundane aspects in life can be very boring with this new updating going on. Where’s the fun?

Spring. Your social outlets are improving. This is an excellent time to get involved with your community or a spiritual group. You can meet new friends who are also questioning their moral responsibilities and spiritual views. You go much deeper than you have in the past. Although this may be occurring in the background, you are emotionally invested in this search. Old ways are being released, so you can enjoy the bigger picture. On the surface, you are looking for new projects at work, questioning other people’s motivations, and enjoying family activities. 

Summer. You take a laid-back approach to the summer. This is a great time for creative expression or just enjoying your kids. You will want to travel this year. If you travel in July, make sure you revisit familiar places and not new ones. You will need some time to retreat, especially in July. Relationships need time and attention in July and August. If you aren’t getting enough affection, you could be very testy. Don’t let that happen. 

 Fall. You continue to break free from past expectations. You want to feel the passion through your work and social commitments. Your work duties can make you feel limited, especially in November. You are reexamining your choices, letting go of what’s not interesting, and focusing on those things that stimulate you intellectually. Your spiritual questioning continues into January 2020, and you continue to examine your spirituality in detail through the end of September 2020.

PISCES (February 19–March 20)

Winter. Your ruling planet, Neptune, has been traveling through Pisces since 2011. Neptune is halfway through, but still has another seven years to travel through Pisces. Neptune has activated your inner artist, a closer connection to your spiritual center, and a deeper desire to do what satisfies you personally. Neptune also increases your psychic sensitivity and may make you retreat from loud and crowded places. But since the end of 2018, you have been feeling more social. This is also a better time for your career, with more opportunities that actually fit you.

Spring. You stay fairly social through the early spring, but your need for retreat gets stronger. You will want to spend more time with your partner. You will feel safe enough to drop your guard and be yourself. Friends and community organizations in your life are in a state of flux. You are interested in making a difference, but you don’t want your time and energy wasted. You could take on a leadership position in your community that would satisfy your need for purpose.

Summer. Family, home, and emotional stability are very active. You want to make your nest a more comfortable place. You may be visiting with your family and even reconnecting with long-lost family members. Your level of activity in community or business associations increases through the summer. You may take on a leadership role during this time, both in community groups and in your career. If you are single, this is a good time to meet new people—except for the month of July.

Fall. You reenter a more social time this fall, and it’s also a good time to look for advancement in your field. Although there is some economic stress, you seem to be able to manage it. This is a good time to promote yourself or your services. Your relationship is your place of personal retreat. You will need time together as well as time apart, which is part of the natural flow of this energy. Economic stress may keep you more nervous than you like. You will be feeling more comfortable by February 2020. The goal is to make you happy!

This article appears in the January 2019 edition of OutSmart magazine.


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