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Michael Avenatti Talks LGBTQ Equality During Houston Visit

Stormy Daniels' attorney raises money for Harris County Democrats.


On Oct. 17, the Harris County Democratic Party hosted a news conference with one of the most interesting people of our day, Michael Avenatti, who answered questions about American politics, his potential run for president, and his positions on issues.

For those who’ve been living under a rock, Avenatti is a Los Angeles-based attorney who roared into the national limelight about six months ago thanks to his client, Stormy Daniels (real name: Stephanie Clifford), a Dallas-based adult film actress. His sculpted facial features, sky-blue eyes, and California tan have been fixtures fighting for the left on cable news ever since.

Daniels hired Avenatti to help her take down President Donald Trump. A tall, striking blonde, Daniels alleges that she had a brief affair with Trump in 2006 and was paid years later to keep her mouth shut about it. She signed a Nondisclosure Agreement, or NDA, and received about $130,000 in exchange. Trump failed to sign the agreement, and as a result Daniels, with Avenatti’s help, is attempting to get the NDA annulled. Coincidentally, the payment occurred two weeks prior to the 2016 presidential election — a decade after the alleged affair—making the hush money a possible violation of election laws.

Avenatti also happens to be a Democrat and a potential presidential candidate in 2020, and he has parlayed his recent celebrity into raising money for the party’s candidates across the country.

What is the attraction? There are many reasons. However, for more than a few, Avenatti’s testosterone-fueled combat with Trump offers relief from a political climate that leaves many feeling vulnerable and impotent. It seems that at least one person is fighting back: Avenatti.

The Los Angeles lawyer was in Houston the night before the press gaggle to help raise money for Harris County Democrats. He was the featured speaker at a fundraiser. Did Houston disappoint?

“It was great. There were a lot of people here, and wonderful enthusiasm. I think the event was a big success,” Avenatti said.

Where does this lawyer-slash-politician-slash-celebrity stand on LGBTQ issues? It is safe to say, he questions why there even are issues.

“I think the LGBTQ community should have equality and be respected. They should never be shunned or have their rights trampled by the Donald Trump administration.

“And I believe in same-sex marriage,” Avenatti added firmly.

“I also think we should do more for the LGBTQ community. In some cases, they are fighting for their very existence. They should not be in this fight alone. The rest of us must stand up and say, these are our people too.”

“People should be able to love whomever they want to love. We have much bigger challenges in the United States. Why are we concerned with who is loving whom?” he concluded.


Kim Hogstrom

Kim Hogstrom is a regular contributor to OutSmart Magazine.
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