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UPDATE: Ecuador Pledges to Close “Ex-Gay” Torture Clinics and Names Lesbian to Lead Ministry of Health

In a Stunning Turnaround, Ecuador Pledges to Close “Ex-Gay” Torture Clinics and Names Lesbian to Lead Ministry of Health

After hundreds of thousands signed petitions denouncing abusive gay “cure” clinics in Ecuador, and months of closed door negotiations between Ecuadorian human rights defenders and the Health Ministry, the Ecuadorian government just announced a commitment to investigate – and shut down where appropriate – clinics that purportedly work to “cure” people of their sexual orientation.

Global campaigns launched last fall by, and CredoAction rallied over 250,000 around in the world in support of demands by local activists that the Ecuadorian government take action against these often abusive, violent, and illegal “clinics.” Almost 65,000 signed’s letter to Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa, the only international campaign also run in Spanish and Portuguese, attracting thousands of signers from across Latin America.

The welcome news also dovetails with another encouraging announcement – the appointment of an out and open lesbian as Ecuador’s new Minister of Health by President Rafael Correa. has reason to be optimistic that the Ecuadorian government will follow through on its commitment : the new Health Minister, Carina Vance, led the charge for years against these quack “clinics” as a feminist and LGBT rights leader in Ecuador.

“Credit for this victory goes to the long-term on the ground work led by courageous LGBT and women’s rights activists in Ecuador, and to people around the world who helped elevate this national scandal to global prominence,” said Co-Founder Andre Banks. “We are proud to share in this inspiring victory for LGBT equality, and extend our congratulations to Ecuador’s new Health Minister, whose commitment to the rights, respect and health of women and LGBT people is well known.”

More on the campaign here:


Greg Jeu

Greg Jeu is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of OutSmart Magazine.

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