Obituary: May 2007

Farewell to Kay Longcope, founder of The Texas Triangle

Died Kay Longcope, the veteran journalist and founding editor and publisher of The Texas Triangle, on March 29 at the Christopher House hospice in Austin. She was 69 and had been battling pancreatic cancer. Longcope and partner Barbara Wohlgemuth launched the Austin-based Triangle in October 1992. In 1996, Longcope and Wohlgemuth sold the weekly newspaper, which developed into TXT Magazine under the ownership of the Dallas Voice (and ended publication in 2005). Before starting the Triangle, Longcope worked for 22 years at The Boston Globe, where she reported on civil rights and gay and lesbian issues.

Longcope is survived by Wohlgemuth, her partner of 17 years, and their sons Nick and Ted Blaine.   “I just don’t know how to convey to you what an amazing person she was,” Wohlgemuth said in a March 30 Austin American-Statesman article about Longcope. “She said the newspaper inspired gay Austin citizens to identify with their community and instill a sense of pride. People just loved it because it was just different from any other gay paper. It was a paper they could show their parents or leave on their coffee table.”


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