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Behind the Bar: November 2021

Mauricio Wright, ReBar

What is your favorite shot to make? To drink?
Both to make and to drink must be a Mexican Candy shot with tequila, watermelon liqueur, a shot of tabasco, and a tajin rim.

Where is your favorite place to drink when not on duty?
I’d better say ReBar! But Ripcord would be in second place.

What is a current bar drink trend you’d like to see end?
Right now I think most trends are OK, but I’d be fine if I didn’t have to make so many martinis when we’re slammed on Saturday nights!

What are you best known for?
I’d say my personality and my eyes. Oh, wait—and these fabulous legs!

What is the best and worst holiday to work?  Why?
Best holiday to work is a tossup between New Year’s Eve and Pride—you can’t beat the community support and spirit surrounding Pride! Worst holiday is Christmas, and not being with family. 

Who are the hardest customers to please?
Indecisive customers are the hardest to please. But I pride myself on making it all about our customers, so together we get them satisfied.

If you weren’t a bartender, what career would you choose?
Beyoncé! I’d be an entertainer. [Mauricio co-hosts Drag Bingo at ReBar with Hu’Nee B on Thursdays.]

Do you have any pets?
Yes! A 2-year-old Yorkie named Buddie.

Favorite Restaurant? 
Steak 48

Favorite Travel Spot? 

Dream Vacation? 

Best advice to a wannabe bartender in an LGBTQ bar?
Be personable and have a good memory. And remembering customers’ drink orders pays dividends.

Desired superpower?
To fly! You could go anywhere at any time.

Theme song? 
“Thank You for Being a Friend,” the theme song from The Golden Girls.

202 Tuam St

This article appears in the November 2021 edition of OutSmart magazine.

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