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BEHIND THE BAR: August 2021

Laeken Alswager, Pearl Bar

Laeken Alswager

What is your favorite shot to make? To drink?
Favorite to make: Mexican Candy, but I like to substitute Blue Curaçao and coconut rum.
Favorite to drink: Bud Light, but if we are doing shots I’m up for anything!

Where is your favorite place to drink when not on duty?
Right here at Pearl Bar.

What is a current bar drink trend you’d like to see end?
Multi-layered shots!

 What are you best known for?
I’m best known for wearing these fun crop-tops!

What is the best and worst holiday to work? Why?
The best holiday has to be Pride—it’s a very festive atmosphere. I don’t have a worst holiday yet. Maybe Easter—it was a little slow.

Biggest tip from one customer?

Who are the hardest customers to please?
The customers that may have had enough to drink already!  

If you weren’t a bartender, what career would you choose?
The career I had before I started working here—a residency-program coordinator at UT Health’s vascular surgery department.

Do you have any pets?
Two fabulous cats named Lawless and Stormy, and a turtle named Crush!

What is the best part about working at this bar?
I love our regulars—they can really brighten any day that I work.  And my co-workers are the best.
It is one big family!

Favorite food?

Favorite restaurant?

Favorite travel spot?

Dream vacation?

Advice to a wannabe bartender in an LGBTQ bar?
Be yourself, even if you are shy like me. And stay up to date on new drinks!

Your superpower?
I am very intuitive, even though I might not always listen to it!                                        

Theme Song?
“Maria, Maria” by Santana.

Pearl Bar Houston
4216 Washington Ave

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