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BEHIND THE BAR: April 2021

Júlio Briceño, BUDDY'S Houston

Júlio Briceño

What is your favorite shot to make? To drink?
Favorite to make: Green Tea with Jameson’s, Peach Schnapps and Sour Mix and Mexican Candy Shots.

Favorite to drink:
Whiskey!  Jameson’s or Maker’s Mark for me.

Where is your favorite place to drink when not on duty?
Here at Buddy’s or JR’s.

What are you best known for?
Wearing my shorts on the weekend!

What is the best and worst holiday to work?  Why?
My family knows I love to work all the holidays for the past 15 years; so I don’t have a most or least favorite.  I enjoy it when people are more into the celebration.

Biggest tip from one customer?
A $200 birthday tip.

Who are the hardest customers to please?
Arrogant and rude people are the toughest.  I try to treat people like I would like to be treated.

If you weren’t a bartender, what career would you choose?
Probably a graphic or digital designer.  I like to be creative and use my photography skills.

Do you have any pets?
One, a 2-year-old, 45 lb. “pocket” pit bull named Jenny!

What is the best part about working at this bar?
Every Buddy is welcome here.

Favorite Food?

Favorite Restaurant?

Favorite Travel Spot?
New York City or San Francisco.

Dream Vacation?
Backpacking through Europe.

Advice to a wannabe bartender in an LGBTQ bar:
Be yourself, be authentic, and be transparent.

Your Super Power?
I already read minds . . . so I’d like to FLY!

Theme Song?
Willow Smith’s “Wait A Minute” always puts me in a good mood.

2409 Grant St.

This article appears in the April 2021 edition of OutSmart magazine.


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