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A Capital-City Romance

Ryan Korsgard and Marshall Eudy fell in love in Austin.

Marshall Eudy (l) and Ryan Korsgard

Ryan Korsgard is a familiar face to many Houstonians. For years, he was our go-to reporter on KPRC-TV Channel 2. We all relied on his top-notch reporting, but now he has a new fan and a new life in Austin with his husband, Marshall Eudy.

The two men married on November 9, 2019, at the Hotel Saint Cecilia in Austin. Ryan, 46, moved there to take on a new job as the general manager of Million Air Austin, an airport services firm. It is also the city where he had his first date with Marshall, 34, at Austin Java after the two connected “the old-fashioned way, through Tinder!” as Ryan describes it.

“I picked the place. It’s not fancy. I know Marshall was not impressed with my choice,”  Ryan explains about the coffee house.

Marshall, an Austin native and vice president of legal and business affairs for Mood Media, has clearly moved past whatever bad first impressions he may have had. “When you talk with Ryan, you can quickly tell that he is a passionate person. It was intriguing to me to meet someone who was passionate about many personal interests and had so many experiences that were different from my own. And at the same time I felt like our personalities just clicked, as though I had known him for a very long time,” recalls Marshall.

The feeling was clearly mutual for Ryan, and the two knew they had found something special when they were able to lean on each other when Marshall had a long work assignment in Orlando.

“When I moved to Orlando, I found that I was under intense stress and pressure. I grew a lot during that time in many respects, but I found that increasingly Ryan was the person I relied on for emotional support. He was much more than someone with whom I enjoyed spending time,” says Marshall.

Ryan recalls that period, too. “I knew Marshall was special because I didn’t mind rushing to Hobby Airport on Friday nights to catch the 8:05 evening flight direct to Orlando. But what really told me that we were going to eventually get married was when Marshall explained to me that when he had challenges in Florida, I was the one he wanted to call. That told me a lot,” says Ryan.

When they did eventually marry, they chose Austin’s Hotel Saint Cecilia because it held a lot of special meaning for the couple. Marshall recalls that one of the most romantic things that Ryan did for him early on was to plan a special birthday dinner for him at the hotel. Coincidentally, Marshall’s gift was a watch that matched the one Marshall eventually used to propose to Ryan.

Their wedding weekend in Austin also included some special friends and family members. Channel 2’s chief meteorologist (and Ryan’s former colleague) Frank Billingsleyofficiated at the ceremony, and one of the special moments from the evening before came when Gracie, Marshall’s sister, hosted a champagne toast and marshmallow roast.

“That was a special night because both of our families were there and met for the first time. More importantly, they were there to celebrate our marriage. This was special,” says Ryan.

“I tried not to tear up when Gracie gave us a toast, but I failed miserably,” Marshall recalls.

Although Ryan has moved on from reporting for Channel 2, Houstonians will be glad to know that he is enjoying life in Austin. When the two men begin their honeymoon Caribbean cruise to St. Barths in March, they will also be sailing into their new lives as a married couple.

This article appears in the February 2020 edition of OutSmart magazine.


Ryan Leach

Ryan Leach is a frequent contributor to OutSmart magazine. Follow him on Medium at www.medium.com/@ryan_leach.
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