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Austin Bomber Once Compared Same-Sex Marriage to Pedophilia, Bestiality

The suspected Austin bomber, who blew himself up early Wednesday, once penned a blog post in which he compared same-sex marriage to polygamy and bestiality, according to reports.

Authorities believe Mark Anthony Conditt, 24, was responsible for a series of attacks that left two people dead and terrorized the capital city over the last three weeks.

The Express-News of San Antonio reports that Conditt is believed to be the author of a blog called “Defining my Stance,” which was apparently written for a college class and contains posts from February to May 2012.

One of the six posts on the blog is titled, “Why gay marriage should be illegal.”

“In addition, political protection of a sexual practice is ludicrous. I do not believe it is proper to pass laws stating that homosexuals have ‘rights.’ What about pedophilia or bestiality,” the blogger wrote. “These are sexual practices. Should they also be protected by law? If homosexuality is protected by law, why not those as well?”


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