Texas Civil Rights Project-Houston Condemns Federal Judge Lynn Hughes’ Racially Intolerant Comments, Calls for Resignation

Texas Civil Rights Project-Houston is asking for the resignation of U.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes today after more racially intolerant comments by the Judge surfaced last Friday. The comments were made at a hearing this past November in an employment discrimination case where the plaintiff, who was born in India and is Hindu, is suing the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for employment discrimination based on race, national origin, and/or religion. Jitendra Shah v. Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

In an exchange with the State’s attorney during a hearing on the record, Judge Hughes repeatedly made outlandish racial comments, at one point stating, “[employment] staffs of one color always work better.” He even questioned the role of a diversity director, asking whether it was that person’s job to “go around and paint students different colors so that they would think they were mixed?”

TCRP-Houston’s Regional Director, Amin Alehashem, says there is “absolutely no room for that kind of discourse by a federal judge obliged to enforce anti-discrimination laws. Judge Hughes’ comments show that his personal beliefs about race and religion warp his judicial decision-making.  His beliefs and words are biased and inconsistent with the nation’s legal commitment to non-discrimination in the workplace that he is sworn to uphold, but obviously cannot.”

Alehashem says Hughes should resign: “Judge Hughes’s stated beliefs are incompatible with his duty to be a neutral and objective judge; he should step down.”

Hughes’ statements and actions in the Shah case are not anomalous, Alehashem says, but, rather, consistent with a demonstrated pattern and practice of bias and prejudice against alleged victims of discrimination. He has also shown hostility to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Just a few weeks ago, the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals chastised Hughes for making inappropriate racially-insensitive remarks regarding the plaintiff in an employment discrimination case.

Before that, in 2010, Hughes made racially offensive remarks regarding two Vietnamese lawyers, suggesting that, based on their national origin, they should move to North Korea to practice labor law.

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