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Twenty scholarships awarded to local LGBT students by the PFLAG/HATCH Youth Scholarship Foundation

Students and sponsors of the PFLAG/HATCH Youth Scholarship Awards at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church

The PFLAG/HATCH Youth Scholarship Foundation has announced that 20 area LGBT students have been awarded scholarships for the coming school year. This year’s awards totals of just over $110,000 add to the more than 1 million in scholarships that the organization has distributed in the past 10 years.

The PFLAG/HATCH Youth Scholarship Foundation combines two scholarship programs previously offered by community organizations in Houston. In 1998, two nonprofit organizations, PFLAG-Houston and Houston Area Teen Coalition of Homosexuals (HATCH), separately raised funds for scholarships but combined their efforts to jointly qualify youth applicants for scholarship awards. In 1999 the two organizations decided to incorporate a new, stand-alone foundation named the PFLAG/HATCH Youth Scholarship Foundation and used this new entity to unify their scholarship programs. 

Today, PHYSF is a tax-exempt entity separate from each of PFLAG-Houston and HATCH, but each of these original sponsors have pledged to continue their contributions, both in terms of financial support and volunteer hours, even as PHYSF has established its own, independent identity in the LGBT community. All funds raised go directly to scholarships or the endowment.

For more information, call 713/863-9494 or visit physf.org. – By Nancy Ford

[Editor’s note:OutSmart magazine is an official sponsor and media underwriter of PFLAG/HATCH Youth Scholarship Foundation.]


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