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Houston Boy Murdered in Alleged Anti-LGBTQ Hate Crime

Eyewitnesses heard attackers yelling homophobic slurs.

Zamien Aleman

The Houston Police Department (HPD) is searching for answers regarding a 15-year-old boy’s murder. The child’s family believes he was the victim of an anti-LGBTQ hate crime. 

Zamian Aleman was stabbed to death on Sunday, January 30, in the 6400 block of Dunlap Street, according to HPD. Aleman was taking out the trash at his apartment building around 4 p.m. when witnesses saw two men yelling homophobic slurs at him. They then followed Zamian to his apartment, forced their way in, and stabbed him seven times in the neck and five times in the chest.

Aleman’s mother received a phone call from her son during the attack. She rushed home, but when she arrived it was too late. Aleman’s mother attempted CPR on her son before the medics arrived. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Eyewitnesses say they heard the two attackers call Aleman homophobic slurs, which is why his family believes his murder was a hate crime. Members of Aleman’s family spoke about the incident during a February 1 press conference.

“Two people followed him while he was taking out the trash. He had just dyed his hair pink,” said Jennifer Vega, Aleman’s aunt. “They thought he liked men, but he didn’t. He just liked to dye his hair different colors.”

Aleman’s family requested help in seeking justice for the 15-year-old. “If anyone knows anything, please say something,” said Juanita Ramirez, Aleman’s grandmother.

Aleman has been described by friends and family as a quiet teenager trying to navigate life.

His family has set up a GoFundMe campaign to pay for his funeral expenses. To donate, visit

Anyone with information on Aleman’s murder should call HPD’s homicide division at 713-308-3600.

This is a developing story. This post will be updated as additional information becomes available.  


Adriana Salazar

Adriana is a contributing writer for Outsmart magazine. She currently attends the University of Houston and is a print media journalism major who is also minoring in LGBTQ studies. She hopes to spread awareness of LGBTQ-related issues to the Houston area.
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